Activating ESPN on All Your Favorite Devices at

As an avid sports fan and cord-cutter, keeping up with live games without cable can be tricky. Thankfully, streaming services like ESPN provide access to tons of sports programming if you know how to set them up properly. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to get ESPN running on platforms like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and Playstation so you never miss that buzzer beater!

Get Started with Your Activation Code

To activate ESPN on your device, you’ll need an activation code. This 7-8 digit passcode links your device to your ESPN account so you can stream content.

To generate your code:

  1. Download and open the ESPN app on your device
  2. Select “Settings” or “Sign In” to access activation
  3. Write down the code shown on your TV screen

With code handy, head over to on any web browser to complete set-up. Now let’s go through device specifics step-by-step!

Activating ESPN on Roku

  1. Open the Roku Channel Store
  2. Search and select the ESPN app
  3. Click Add Channel to install
  4. Launch the app then locate your activation code
  5. Visit and enter the code
  6. Login with your provider or ESPN+ account

And you’re all set to catch the big game on your Roku player!

Setting Up ESPN on Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire Stick also offers access to live sports and commentary.

  • Install ESPN app from Fire TV store
  • Launch app and go to Settings for your code
  • Input code at
  • Use provider or ESPN+ login when prompted

ESPN will now work beautifully on your Fire TV.

Activating on Your Apple Devices

Apple fans can leverage ESPN just as easily with these steps:

  • Find ESPN in the App Store
  • Download and open the application
  • Select “Sign In” inside the app for a code
  • Head to and enter code
  • Follow instructions to activate ESPN

Enjoy an upgraded sports experience on your Apple TV or iOS devices!

Getting ESPN on Your Android TV

Android televisions allow you to stream as well with minimal fuss:

  • Search “ESPN” on the Google Play Store
  • Install app and launch after completed
  • Choose “Settings” then “Sign In” for a code
  • Visit and provide code
  • Login with your credentials

And your Android TV will now showcase football, basketball, and more!

Using ESPN on Your Xbox Console

Gamers can level up their viewing through Xbox by:

  • Accessing the Microsoft Store on your console
  • Downloading and installing the ESPN app
  • Opening the app then selecting “Login” for a code
  • Going to to enter code
  • Logging into your TV provider or ESPN+ account

With access to ESPN on Xbox, you’ll never miss an update on your favorite NBA or MLB team.

Set-Up on Your PlayStation 4 or 5

Lastly, Playstation owners can catch ESPN content with:

  • Navigating to Playstation Store and finding ESPN
  • Adding app to your cart and installing
  • Launching ESPN app to generate an activation code
  • Visiting to provide code
  • Logging into TV or ESPN+ account when asked

After following those simple prompts, your PS4 or PS5 will showcase ESPN flawlessly.

Get Your Devices ESPN Ready!

As you can see, activation is quick and straightforward regardless of your tech setup at home. Now you can rely on ESPN for scores, commentary, and more live sports action no matter where you’re streaming from.

Just be sure to have your 7-digit activation code ready to link your device at From there, login with your TV subscription or ESPN+ account details and enjoy unlimited access to the sports coverage you crave!

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