Activating Your New Phone on Xfinity Mobile at

Got a shiny new phone you’re excited to start using? If you’re an Xfinity Mobile customer, activating your device is a breeze. This handy guide will walk you through the quick and easy steps to get your phone up and running on the Xfinity network.

Overview of the Activation Process

The Xfinity Mobile activation process is designed to be simple and only takes about 10 minutes. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Unbox your new phone and SIM card
  • Head to the Xfinity activation website
  • Log into your account at
  • Enter any required info if transferring a number
  • Confirm billing address
  • Select “Activate” and you’re done!

Easy peasy! Now let’s look at each step in more detail.

Step 1: Unbox Your New Phone and SIM Card

The first step is unboxing time! Open up that new phone box and take out:

  • Your new phone device
  • Xfinity SIM card
  • Any chargers or accessories

Be sure to keep your phone powered off during the activation process.

Then, take the SIM card and insert it into the SIM card slot in your phone per the instructions. This gives your device access to the Xfinity network.

Step 2: Visit the Xfinity Mobile at

With the SIM card securely inserted, it’s time to head to the activation website.

  • On another device like a computer or tablet, visit
  • Sign in with your Xfinity account credentials.
  • Click “Let’s go” to proceed.

If you don’t have an Xfinity account yet, you can click “Create a new Xfinity ID” to set one up.

Step 3: Select Device and Enter Any Required Info

After logging in, you’ll need to:

  • Select the device you want to activate from the options shown
  • Enter your previous account and PIN number if transferring your number from another carrier
  • Confirm your billing address by referencing an old bill

If getting a new phone number, just choose “I want a new number” and Xfinity will automatically assign one.

Step 4: Click Activate and You’re Done!

The final step is to simply click “Activate” and let the magic happen! You’ll get a confirmation email when the activation is complete.

For number transfers, most are completed within 10 minutes but timing varies by carrier. Once done, power on your device and start enjoying Xfinity’s super fast 5G network!

With this easy process, you’ll be up and running on your new Xfinity Mobile phone in no time. Just follow the steps, enter any required account info, confirm your address, and click activate.

Before you know it, you’ll be connected and ready to start calling, texting, browsing, and more on Xfinity’s reliable nationwide 5G network. Enjoy your new device!

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