How to Activate and Watch Starz on Your Favorite Devices at

Welcome cord cutters and streamers! This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about accessing Starz on various streaming platforms and devices using simple activation steps.

What is Starz?

Starz is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by Lionsgate. It is focused on featuring hit movies and exclusive original programming like:

  • Outlander
  • The White Queen
  • American Gods
  • P-Valley

Other key details about Starz:

  • Requires a paid subscription
  • Offers free trials
  • Can be accessed directly or through TV providers
  • Compatible apps available for various devices

Prerequisites to Activate Starz

Before we get into the activation steps, you’ll need:

  • Active Starz subscription – Either directly or through a TV provider
  • Compatible device – Check Starz’s website for full list
  • Internet connection
  • Starz app – Installed on your device (see next section)
  • Activation code – Displayed on device after launching Starz app

Installing the Starz App

The Starz app can be added to various streaming devices and smart TV platforms.

Follow the instructions below for your specific device:

Fire TV

  1. Go to Find and search for “Starz”
  2. Select the Starz app and click Get
  3. Click Open after installation


  1. Go to Streaming Channels
  2. Search for “Starz”
  3. Click Add Channel
  4. Launch the app after installation

Apple TV

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Search for “Starz”
  3. Click Get to install
  4. Launch the app after installation

Android TV

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Search and select the Starz app
  3. Click Install
  4. Click Open after installation

And that’s it! The Starz app just needs to be launched before activation.

Activating Starz on Your Devices via

Activating Starz is almost exactly the same across every platform. Follow these general steps:

  1. Launch the Starz app on your device
  2. Select login from the menu
  3. Note down the activation code displayed
  4. Visit on a browser
  5. Enter the code and click Submit
  6. Sign in with your credentials
    • Starz account details
    • TV provider account

And Starz is now ready to stream on your device!

The only differences would be in:

  • How to access the Starz app’s login section
  • The exact wording of labels like “login” and “activation code”

But the flow remains the same across platforms.

Activating Starz on Roku

As an example, here are the Roku-specific steps:

  1. Launch the Starz app from the home screen
  2. Select login from the upper left corner
  3. Note down the activation code
  4. Visit
  5. Enter the code and Submit
  6. Sign in with your Starz or TV provider account

And Starz will be activated on your Roku device!

Subscribing to Starz

Don’t have a Starz account yet? You can easily subscribe directly from their website to access all their great content.

Starting a Free Trial

Starz offers new subscribers a free 6-month trial for just $2.99 per month.

To claim it:

  1. Go to Starz’s signup page
  2. Enter email address
  3. Click Claim Offer
  4. Enter payment details
  5. Click Subscribe

After the 6 month trial at $2.99/month, the regular $8.99/month pricing will apply if you don’t cancel.

And that’s it! You’ll have full access to Starz to enjoy and test out.

Watching Starz Without Cable

Don’t have cable TV but still want to enjoy Starz? No problem! Here are the top ways to access Starz without a traditional cable subscription:

Sling TV

  1. Subscribe to Sling Orange or Blue
  2. Add Starz from Extras for $9/month


  1. Subscribe to Philo
  2. Add Starz for just $5/month for the first 3 months

And that’s it! Through on-demand streaming platforms like these, you can absolutely enjoy Starz originals and movies without any cable box required.

So whether it’s activating Starz on your streaming device or finding ways to watch without cable, I hope this guide gave you all the information needed! Let me know if any part needs more explanation.

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