Your Guide to Logging into Publix Passport

Whether you’re a current or former Publix employee, you likely need access to the Publix Passport portal. This online portal lets you view pay stubs, schedules, benefits information, and more.

Logging in is easy if you know the steps. That’s what this article is all about! Consider it your guide to successfully accessing your Passport account.

What is Publix Passport?

For those new to Publix, Publix Super Markets is a grocery store chain mainly in the Southeast U.S. It was founded by George Jenkins in 1930 and is now the largest employee-owned company in the nation.

Publix Passport is the online portal employees use to access work-related information. Some call it the “Publix Oasis Gateway,” since it uses that branded operating system.

Through Passport, current and former staff can view:

  • Pay stubs
  • Direct deposit history
  • Work schedules
  • Health insurance info
  • Retirement plan details
  • Company news and policies
  • Training programs

It’s a convenient way to access the data you need through a secure employee login portal.

Logging into Your Passport Account

To start, you’ll want to go to and find the Passport login fields.

Enter your username and password credentials exactly as you set them up initially. Then click the “Login” button.

That will sign you into the Publix Passport dashboard. From there, you can navigate around using the menu bar.

Trouble Logging In?

Don’t panic! Here are tips if you have login issues:

  • Forgot your username: Call the Publix HR hotline at 1(863) 688-7407 ext. 52108 for assistance.
  • Forgot your password: Click “Forgot Password” and follow the on-screen cues to reset it after identity verification.

Related Help and Contact Information

Beyond login troubleshooting, you can get help on many other topics directly through Passport.

Once logged in, choose “Help” from the top menu bar. Search keywords for your specific issue or question.

You can also contact Publix HR and support lines directly:

  • HR Department and General Help: 1(863) 688-7407
  • Benefits Questions: 1-800-741-4332
  • Retirement Accounts: 1-800-741-4332

Call during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM EST) for prompt, friendly assistance!

I hope you find this quick reference guide useful when accessing your Passport login! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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