Accessing Your Home Depot Employee Account Through

Welcome to your guide on using MyTHDHR, the online portal for Home Depot employees! Logging into your personal MyTHDHR account allows you convenient access to manage work schedules, view pay statements, use company discounts, and more.

What Can You Do on MyTHDHR?

As a Home Depot employee, the MyTHDHR portal is your go-to site for:

  • Checking your work schedule and requesting time off
  • Viewing electronic pay stubs
  • Updating your personal contact information
  • Accessing employee-exclusive discounts
  • Enrolling in benefits like health insurance plans
  • Getting company news and announcements

And much more! MyTHDHR puts everyday human resources needs right at your fingertips.

Logging In to Your Employee Account

Accessing your account is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Log In” under “Current Associates”
  3. Enter your unique employee ID and password
  4. Click “Sign In”

And you’re in!

Trouble Logging In?

If you have any issues accessing your account, first double check that you’re using the correct employee ID and password combination. Passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure what you entered matches exactly what’s on file.

You can also use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your login credentials.

If that doesn’t work, contact your manager or HR representative for further help getting into your MyTHDHR account.

Key Features to Check Out

Once logged in, explore all that MyTHDHR has to offer! Here are some top sections you’ll want to get familiar with:

Your Schedule

View your weekly work calendar and request time off here. Easily check schedule changes your manager has made too.


See current and past electronic versions of your pay stubs. Year-to-date earnings and tax info is also available.


Review and manage medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401(k), and other employee benefit plans offered.


Browse exclusive associate discounts on cell phone plans, travel deals, electronics, restaurants, and more! Start saving money on brands you love.

Company News

Check this feed for important announcements and news related to store openings/closings, policy updates, training resources, and events.

Explore the full MyTHDHR portal to see everything available in your personalized employee account!

Get Support

Have any other questions on using MyTHDHR or managing your employee profile? Contact support at 1-866-698-4347 or check with your HR representative. They can provide additional assistance for a smooth employment experience.

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