MyPepsiCo Login at

Welcome fellow PepsiCo employees! As you know, MyPepsiCo is our handy online portal for accessing work-related information. This beginner’s guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from logging in to making the most of available features.

An Overview of MyPepsiCo

Through the MyPepsiCo portal, you can:

  • View your payslips, leave balances, and make online bill payments
  • Look up announcements and company news
  • Learn about career development opportunities
  • Access workplace tools like the timesheet and payroll center

It’s your one-stop shop for managing employment details at PepsiCo.

Benefits at a Glance

Benefit Description
Pay Information Access info on your salary, pay increases, expenses
Leave Management Review and request time off balances
Company Updates Stay current on PepsiCo news, events and training

Pretty useful right? Let’s get into how you can access it.

 MyPepsiCo Login at

Getting started with MyPepsiCo is straightforward. Just follow this quick 3-step process:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username (usually an email address) and your password
  3. Click Log In

And that’s it! The portal homepage should load after a moment.

Reset Your Password

Forgot your password? No problem:

  1. At the MyPepsiCo login page, click “Forgot Password”
  2. Input your username and select Next
  3. Check your email for a password reset link
  4. Follow prompts to create a new password

You’ll regain access in just a few minutes.

Making the Most of MyPepsiCo

Now that you know how to get in, let’s quickly cover some of what you can do once logged in:

  • Review Pay Information: Under My Pay, check your year-to-date earnings, tax deductions and available reimbursements.
  • Manage Time Off: Submit new time off requests or view up-to-date leave balances under My Time Off.
  • Read Company News: Check the homepage for a snapshot view of recent announcements and training opportunities.

Take some time to click around and get familiar with everything MyPepsiCo has to offer!

Getting Help with MyPepsiCo

Have questions? No problem:

Contact PepsiCo Customer Support

  • Hours: 8:30AM–7PM ET, Monday–Friday
  • Phone: 1-888-PEPSICO (1-888-737-7426)

You can also reach out to HR directly through the MyPepsiCo portal.

Connect on Social

For broader questions, you can find PepsiCo on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Well folks, that wraps up this intro guide on accessing and using your MyPepsiCo employee account. Hopefully you find this a helpful jumping-off point. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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