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Working at Tesco comes with some nice perks, like being able to buy shares in the company. But how do you actually access your Tesco shares online? This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Tesco Shares Login

What is the Tesco Share Scheme?

Tesco offers employees the opportunity to purchase Tesco shares at a discounted rate through the Tesco Share Scheme. This scheme allows both full-time and part-time staff who have worked at Tesco for at least 3 months to buy Tesco shares.

As a shareholder, you become a partial owner of Tesco PLC. This gives you the right to receive dividend payments based on Tesco’s profits. The share price also goes up and down based on Tesco’s performance.

Why Access Your Tesco Shares Online?

Logging into your online Tesco Shares account allows you to:

  • Check your current Tesco share price and value
  • View your dividend payments
  • Change your dividend payment options
  • Manage your overall share portfolio
  • Get share-related news and financial information

Having an online account makes it really simple to stay on top of your investment.

How to Log In to Your Tesco Shares Account

  1. Go to the Tesco Shareview Website
  2. Click on “Portfolio Login”
  3. Select “Tesco” from the drop down menu
  4. Enter your username and password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily reset it through email. Just click “Forgotten your password?” and enter your shareholder reference number.

Trouble Logging In?

Sometimes you may get login errors if:

  • You don’t have the right website
  • Your browser is incompatible
  • You’re entering incorrect login details

Double check everything and contact Tesco’s share registry company, Equiniti, if you still have issues. Their expert team can help troubleshoot login problems.

📞 Phone: 0371 384 2976 (UK customers)
🌐 Email: [email protected]

Managing Your Tesco Shares

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll arrive at your Shareview Portfolio homepage. This personal dashboard gives you an overview of your Tesco shares, including:

  • Number of shares held
  • Total market value
  • Available balance for withdrawals

You can also click through to:

  • View your full portfolio – See comprehensive data on your Tesco and non-Tesco share investments
  • Manage your dividends – Change your dividend payment method and view past payments
  • Buy and sell shares – Directly buy more Tesco shares at market value or sell your existing shares

Useful Things You Can Do

Here are some of the most handy features for managing your Tesco shares online:

  • Update your personal details – Keep your address, bank details and dividend payment elections up to date
  • Transfer shares – Gift your shares to another Tesco shareholder
  • Set share sale reminders – Get alerted when your shares reach a target price
  • Access shareholder services – Join the shareholder communications preference service, vote at AGMs, and more

So in summary, the Tesco Shares Login portal is your convenient one-stop-shop for fully managing your Tesco share investment!

When You Leave Tesco

If you decide to leave Tesco, no need to panic about your shares! You can continue accessing your Tesco Shareview account online for up to 2 years after your departure date.

Just don’t forget to eventually transfer out or sell your Tesco shares before closing your shareholder account.

Let’s Recap…

  • The Tesco Share Scheme lets employees buy discounted Tesco shares
  • Logging into Tesco Shareview allows you to manage your full investment portfolio
  • Use your shareholder reference number to reset a forgotten password
  • You can continue using your share account for 2 years after leaving Tesco

I hope you now feel equipped to easily access and manage your valuable Tesco shares online! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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