How to Connect to Delta WiFi At

Flying Delta Airlines? Get ready to stay connected inflight with Delta WiFi – it’s fast, free, and easy to use if you follow this guide.

Whether you want to send messages to friends back home, get some work done, or stream movies during your flight, Delta WiFi has got you covered. This in-flight WiFi service offers complimentary messaging plus paid options for web browsing and streaming.

In 2023, Delta is rolling out free inflight WiFi on 700+ domestic aircrafts. That means free WiFi will be available on most flights within the US soon!

Let’s look at how to access Delta WiFi and make the most of your time in the air:

Checking if Your Flight Has Free WiFi

Before getting onboard, confirm whether your flight includes Delta’s free inflight WiFi.

You can check:

  • The Delta website or app
  • For “Free WiFi” decals on the plane’s exterior
  • With your gate agent

If free WiFi isn’t available, there are still paid WiFi options you can purchase inflight.

Connecting to Delta WiFi

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on airplane mode on your device
  2. Select the “Delta Wi-Fi” network
  3. Launch your browser
  4. Visit and select your WiFi plan

That’s it! You’ll then have inflight access based on your chosen plan.

Messaging for Free

The basic Delta WiFi plan includes free messaging via iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

You can send messages, photos, videos and files at no cost. It’s a nice way to stay in touch without purchasing pricier WiFi.

Browsing the Web & Streaming

If you want inflight internet access beyond messaging, Delta offers paid WiFi plans through Viasat and Gogo starting at $5.

Options include:

  • Web browsing – surf the net and check emails
  • Streaming – watch movies, TV shows, sports
  • Hourly wifi passes – pick a short-term pass
  • Monthly wifi subscriptions – for frequent Delta flyers

Streaming provides the most bandwidth and costs more. Check to compare plans and pricing.

Getting WiFi Support

Need any assistance with your connection?

Contact Delta WiFi customer support before takeoff or ask your flight attendant for help.

Support Options:

  • Viasat – Phone, chat, email
  • Gogo – Phone, email, chat
  • Delta App – Instructional info

Now you’ve got the tips to stay connected on your next Delta flight. Sit back, sign into Delta WiFi and enjoy your time in the air!

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