Accessing Your Marriott Employee Account at

Welcome fellow Marriott employees! As you know, our employee portal – – gives us easy access to helpful workplace information. This beginner’s guide will walk through everything you need to know for logging in and using your 4myhr account.

An Overview of 4myhr

For those new to the company, 4myhr is Marriott’s dedicated employee extranet portal. It lets staff view workplace info and manage employment details from any device.

Some of the key features 4myhr provides once logged in:

  • Monitor monthly work performance
  • See recognition for contributions
  • Manage shift schedules and swap shifts
  • Check leave statuses and request new time off
  • Access payroll details

And that’s just scratching the surface! Many additional Marriott employment benefits are available too, like insurance options. Check out Marriott’s employee benefit guides for full details.

Now let’s get into exactly how to access this useful portal by logging into your employee account…

Prerequisites for Logging In

Before you can access 4myhr and your employee account, make sure you have:

  • The 4myhr Website –
  • Your assigned Enterprise ID
  • Your Employee Password
  • device like a computer, phone, or tablet and web browser
  • A reliable internet connection

With those basics covered, just follow these next simple steps!

How to Log Into Your 4myhr Account at

  1. Navigate to in your web browser
  2. Input your unique Enterprise ID
  3. Input your personal Employee Password
  4. Click the blue “Sign On” button to finish logging in

And you should now have full access to your Marriott employee account! Feel free to explore all that 4myhr offers.

Quick Note on Security Keys

Rather than inputting your password each time, you can optionally link a security key to your 4myhr account. This allows one-click logins going forward.

However, keep in mind:

  • Security keys must be correctly synced to enable this
  • Using an expired or revoked security key could lock account access
  • Logging in repeatedly with incorrect security keys can also block access

So reach out to HR if you want help properly setting up a linked security key for 4myhr access.

Resetting Lost Login Credentials

Forgetting or losing your Enterprise ID or password is no problem! Marriott makes it easy to recover your credentials for 4myhr access.

If You Lose Your Enterprise ID:

  1. Visit and click “Forgot your EID?”
  2. Choose the “Enterprise-ID or (E.I.D)” help option
  3. Follow the respective account recovery instructions shown

If You Forget Your Employee Password:

  1. Go to Marriott’s password help page
  2. Reveal and input your Enterprise ID when prompted
  3. Select your preferred display language
  4. Follow the remaining steps to reset your employee password

Getting Help With 4myhr Login Issues

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to easily access 4myhr! But don’t hesitate to use the following troubleshooting tips if you encounter any hiccups:

  • Confirm you have a stable internet connection
  • Try using an updated, compatible web browser
  • Check if others are reporting server errors or site outages
  • Ensure your login credentials are entered correctly

And as always, HR is available during business hours if you have any other 4myhr login questions. Welcome again to Marriott!

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