Paramount Plus App Is Not Working? How to fix

So you decided to cut the cable and try out Paramount+ for all your entertainment needs. Smart move! But what happens when you go to watch your favorite show and the app just won’t cooperate? Not to worry, I’ve got your back! In this handy guide, we’ll troubleshoot the common issues that pop up with Paramount+ and get you streaming again in no time.

Can’t Log In? Try This

Nothing is more frustrating than entering your credentials over and over just to see that dreaded “invalid password” message. I feel your pain! Before you toss the remote through your TV, try these quick fixes:

Reset That Password

  • Click “Forgot password” and follow the instructions to reset. Easy peasy!

Update the App

  • Using an outdated version can cause trouble. Download the latest Paramount+ app.

Reboot Your Device

  • Old faithful! Restart your device and that should do the trick.

Still no luck? It might be your internet connection. Keep reading…

App Freezing or Crashing? Read This!

We’ve all been there: you’re right in the middle of your show when suddenly the app freezes up or unexpectedly quits. What’s up with that?! Here is what you can try to get back on track:

Check Your WiFi

Poor internet = streaming disasters. Make sure your connection is strong by resetting your router.

Clear the App Cache

Too much stored data can overload things. Clearing it out resets the app.

  • On Fire TV:
    • Go to Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed Apps > Select Paramount+ > Clear Cache

Force Close and Relaunch

Essentially a “hard reset” for the app.

  • On Apple TV:
    • Double click Home Button > Swipe up to close app > Relaunch

Videos Buffering? Fixes Here!

Few things are as exasperating as a video that won’t stop buffering! Before you pull your hair out, try these troubleshooting tips:

Disable VPN

VPNs often slow things down. Turn it off to see if it helps.

Use Home Network

Public WiFi is iffy for streaming. Stick to home network whenever possible.

Force Stop and Restart

Completely quits the app so it reloads fresh on restart.

  • On Roku:
    • Go to Settings > System > System Restart

Still No Luck?

If you tried all the tips but still can’t get your show to play correctly, it might be time to get some expert help. Contact Paramount+ or your device support for personalized assistance getting back up and running!

I hope these steps help you get your Paramount+ working again! Now grab the snacks and binge your heart out! 📺🍿

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