Wellsfargo.com Activate Card Online : Activate your Wells Fargo Credit Card

So you just received a shiny new Wells Fargo card in the mail – congratulations! But don’t get too eager to start swiping. You’ll need to activate your card first before you can start using it.

Activating your card is super quick and easy. You’ve got three options:

Activate Online

  • Log into your Wells Fargo account
  • Select “Activate Card” from the sidebar menu
  • Choose the new card and follow the simple activation steps

Or you can activate through the Wells Fargo Mobile App by tapping on “Activate Card” and selecting your new account.

Activate by Phone

Call the number listed on the sticker on the back of your card (1-877-294-6933). You’ll just need to enter in some basic card and account info.

Activate at an ATM

Head to any Wells Fargo ATM and insert your new debit card and enter your PIN when prompted.

Hot tip: Make sure you have the PIN that was mailed separately before heading to the ATM.

Once your card is activated, feel free to start using it for purchases right away!

Why Activate Your Card ASAP

It’s important to activate your card within 60 days of receiving it. An inactive card is vulnerable to fraud or identity theft if lost or stolen.

Plus, why wait? Activating that sucker only takes a minute or two. Then you can start earning rewards points and reaping the benefits of your shiny new Wells Fargo card!

Keep Your Card Safe

Here are some tips to keep your new card secure once it’s activated:

  • Set up purchase alerts
  • Monitor your account for fraudulent transactions
  • Only shop on secured sites when buying online
  • Check out Wells Fargo’s security center for more tips

You want to activate your card quickly, but security should always be top of mind when handling personal financial info.

Need Help?

Wells Fargo’s customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any card activation questions:

They can also assist with replacing lost or damaged cards once activated.

So get ready to start reaping rewards, earning cash back, upgrading your credit score, and more with your new Wells Fargo credit or debit card! Just take a minute to get it activated first.

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