How to Activate Your New Walmart MoneyCard at

So you just got a Walmart MoneyCard? Awesome! This reloadable prepaid debit card can make managing money easier, with no bank account required. But before you can start swiping away, you need to activate your new card.

Activating your MoneyCard is a piece of cake. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be good to go in minutes!

What is the Walmart MoneyCard?

The Walmart MoneyCard is a sweet prepaid Visa debit card that you can use to shop online, in stores, pay bills – anywhere Visa cards are accepted!

Some stellar features:

  • No monthly fees – more money for you!
  • Cash-back rewards – earn money as you spend
  • Direct deposit – get paid faster
  • No credit check – approval guaranteed

So it’s a flexible, budget-friendly card, perfect for folks looking to take control of their money without a bank account.

Why Do You Need to Activate Your Card?

You must activate your new MoneyCard before using it to link the card to your personal account. This way, each purchase you make is secure and tracked to you.

Activating also gives you access to your account online or via the app, where you can check balances, review transaction history, transfer funds, and more awesome stuff.

How to Activate Your Walmart MoneyCard

Activating your card only takes a few short minutes. You can do it:

  • Online – Fastest way, takes 3-5 mins!
  • Mobile App
  • By Phone
  • In-Store – Go to any Walmart Customer Service desk

Let’s go through each activation method:

Activate Online

Activating online at is Super easy and only takes about 5 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your new card numberexpiration date, and security code
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter your personal details – name, address etc.
  5. Create username and password
  6. Follow prompts to finish activating

And that’s it! Your shiny new MoneyCard will now be ready for purchases.

Activate Through the Mobile App

You can also activate easily using the Walmart MoneyCard app:

  1. Download app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open app & choose “Activate Card”
  3. Punch in your card details & personal info
  4. Activate!

Call to Activate

If you prefer activating over the phone:

  1. Call 1-866-946-2510
  2. Follow voice instructions to activate
  3. Enter card details & personal info using the phone keypad

Easy-peasy phone activation done!

Visit Any Walmart Store

Pop into a nearby Walmart store and head to Customer Service desk. Let the folks know you need to activate your new MoneyCard. They will handle it efficiently right there.

Once your card is activated through any of the above methods, you will get a confirmation message, usually via email. Then get ready to #shopyourheartout!

For help activating your card, you can call Walmart or use their website live chat for assistance. Also feel free to visit any Walmart store for guidance from customer service staff.

So get your card activated ASAP and unlock the full perks of your Walmart MoneyCard! Drop any other questions below.

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