Guide to Activate Ultra Mobile SIM Online at /activate

So you just got a new Ultra Mobile SIM card in the mail, ready to start saving money on your phone plan. Excellent choice – their no contract prepaid plans with unlimited talk & text are super handy!

Activating your new SIM Online at /activate card is easy. Whether you have the Purple SIM or the Orange SIM, follow this simple walkthrough to get it working in just a few minutes. Then you can start enjoying those nationwide calls and 5G data!

Activating Your Ultra Mobile Purple SIM

The Purple SIM gets you access to Ultra Mobile’s flexible monthly prepaid plans. Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Collect the 19-digit ICCID number printed on the back of your SIM card
  2. Head to
  3. Click the Purple SIM card image
  4. Enter your 19-digit ICCID number
  5. Select a monthly prepaid plan
  6. Keep your current phone number or get a new one
  7. Click “Start or Resume Your Activation
  8. Provide your credit card or airtime recharge card details to complete activation

And that’s it! Your Purple SIM will activate within minutes.

💡 Don’t see the 19-digit ICCID number on your SIM card? It should be printed on the back. Check carefully in the small font!

Activating Your Ultra Mobile Orange SIM

The Orange SIM gives you pay-as-you-go access without any monthly fees. Just add more money as needed.

Here is how to activate your Orange SIM:

  1. Find the 11-digit Activation Code on the SIM card
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Orange SIM card image
  4. Enter your 11-digit Activation Code
  5. Click “Start or Resume Your Activation
  6. Follow the remaining activation steps

And you’re all set! Orange SIM activated and ready for calls & texts.

💡 Can’t find the Activation Code? Check the upper right corner on the back of your Orange SIM card!

Other Ways to Activate Your Ultra Mobile SIM

If you prefer to activate over the phone or via chat, Ultra Mobile’s customer service can handle that too:

  • By Phone: Call 888-777-0446 and follow the instructions
  • By Chat: Click the chat button at and provide your details

An agent will verify your information and activate your SIM card right away.

And of course, you can always visit an Ultra Mobile store near you for in-person support.

Get Started with Your New Ultra Mobile SIM Card!

And that’s all there is to it! With your SIM card now active, insert it into your unlocked phone and you’ll have cell phone and data access.

Ultra Mobile’s plans are super flexible, so you can change or cancel anytime. And their customer service is top-notch in case you need help.

So give your new SIM card a test drive! Make some calls, stream videos over 5G, and see just how much you can save each month.

Enjoy your new wireless plan! And remember you can always reach out to Ultra Mobile’s friendly support team if you need any assistance getting started.

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