How to Activate your New Turbo Prepaid Card at

So you just got a new Turbo prepaid card in the mail? Awesome! šŸ˜Š This handy guide will walk you through how to go about activating your card so you can start using it.

What is a Prepaid Card?

Before we jump into the activation steps, let’s cover the basics. A prepaid card works similarly to a debit or credit card, allowing you to make purchases online or in stores. The key difference is that instead of being connected to a bank account, you load money onto the card ahead of time.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

Using a prepaid card like the Turbo Visa card offers quite a few perks:

  • More secureĀ than carrying cash
  • Easier to budgetĀ than a credit card
  • Get yourĀ tax refundĀ deposited directly
  • No bank account requiredĀ to get or use
  • No overdraft feesĀ like a checking account
  • $10 bonus when you make a qualifying deposit

Pretty nice, right? Now let’s get your card up and running!

Activate Your Turbo Card

You’ve got three options to activate your new Turbo prepaid Visa card:

Online Activation

  1. Go to theĀ activation websiteĀ atĀ
  2. Enter yourĀ 16-digit card number,Ā expiration date, andĀ CVV security code
  3. ClickĀ NextĀ and follow the prompts to complete activation

šŸ’” Pro Tip: Make sure to have your card in hand for easy reference!

Activation by Phone

Call 888-285-4169 and follow the automated instructions to activate with your card details. Super quick and easy!

Mobile App Activation

  1. Download theĀ Turbo Debit Card appĀ (available for iOS and Android)
  2. Open the app and tapĀ Get Started
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to activate using your card info

And that’s it! Whichever method you choose, activation usually only takes a few minutes. Then your Turbo prepaid card will be all ready for shopping, paying bills, or whatever else you’d like to use it for.

Enjoy the perks and convenience of prepaid with your new Turbo Visa debit card! Let me know if any other prepaid card questions come up.

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