Thezeusnetwork Activate on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV

Looking to start streaming The Zeus Network’s original entertainment content? As a relatively new streaming platform featuring unscripted shows with top influencers, getting set up can be confusing.

This guide will walk you through how to:

  • Sign up for a Zeus Network account
  • Download and activate the app across devices like Fire TV, Roku, iPhone, and more
  • Start watching all your favorite Zeus shows in just a few easy steps

Whether you want to watch on your television or on the go, we’ve got you covered on how to gain access and start streaming Zeus’ addicting content in minutes.

What is The Zeus Network?

Launched July 2018, The Zeus Network is a digital subscription streaming service featuring a growing library of original unscripted and scripted series starring top social media influencers and celebrities.

With reality show favorites like Keke Palmer’s gag-filled fitness program The G Word and the outrageous talk show Joseline’s Cabaret, Zeus offers binge-worthy entertainment for the YouTube generation.

Zeus can be watched via:

  • The Zeus website on your computer
  • The Zeus mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV
  • Casting to your television with Google Chromecast or Airplay

An annual Zeus subscription runs $39.99 per year (or $3.99 monthly).

Ready to start watching? First you’ll need to set up a Zeus account.

How to Create a Zeus Account

Creating your Zeus Network account only takes a minute. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Subscribe Now”
  2. Choose between a monthly or annual plan
  3. Enter your email and create a password
  4. Input your payment info and any promo codes if you have them
  5. Check the box to agree to receive Zeus updates
  6. Click “Start Subscription”

And that’s it! Your Zeus account is now ready to activate across your devices.

How to Activate Zeus on Various Devices

Zeus makes it easy to start streaming your favorites whether watching on the big screen or on your phone.

Here’s how to get Zeus up and running across popular platforms:

Activate Zeus on Fire TV

  • Open the Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV
  • Search for and install “The Zeus Network”
  • Open the Zeus app and select Sign In
  • When prompted enter your Zeus login credentials
  • Note down the activation code provided
  • On a computer or mobile device visit
  • Input your Zeus email and password
  • Enter the activation code and click Activate

And that’s it, your Fire TV will now load Zeus and you can begin streaming The Zeus Network catalog.

Activate Zeus on Roku

  • From Roku home, go to Streaming Channels > Search Channels
  • Search for and add “The Zeus Network” channel
  • Launch the Zeus channel and select Sign In
  • Login using your Zeus credentials when prompted
  • Note down the activation code shown on screen
  • Visit on your computer or mobile device
  • Enter in your Zeus email, password, and the activation code
  • Click Activate and your Roku will now be set up

Activate Zeus on Apple TV

For the latest Apple TV models:

  • Open the App Store from your Apple TV’s home screen
  • Download “The Zeus Network” from the app store
  • Launch the Zeus app and enter Sign In when prompted
  • Input your Zeus login details to sign in
  • An activation code will now display on screen
  • From a computer or smartphone go to
  • Login with your Zeus credentials if needed
  • Enter the activation code from your Apple TV
  • Click Activate and the Zeus app will update indicating successful activation

You can now start watching Zeus on your Apple TV.

Download Zeus on Your iPhone

  • On your iPhone open the App Store
  • Search for and install “The Zeus Network”
  • When done select Open
  • Enter your Zeus account details when prompted to sign in
  • Tap on any video to begin streaming Zeus content

That’s all it takes to access Zeus anywhere right from your iPhone!

The process is essentially the same across most major platforms and devices – simply download the Zeus app, login with your account, copy the activation code, enter it on along with your Zeus credentials, click Activate, and you’ll be streaming in seconds.

It’s quick, convenient, and provides access to hilarious Zeus reality content no matter where you are.

Watching Zeus on Your Smart TV

If you own a Smart TV, you likely won’t be able to directly login or play Zeus content from the built-in web browser. These browsers aren’t yet supported.

However, you can try the following to access Zeus from a smart TV browser:

  1. Open your smart TV’s internet browser
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your email which will trigger an email link to login
  4. Check the login link on a computer or mobile device
  5. Return to reload the browser on your smart TV while signed in

If that doesn’t work, your smart TV probably just lacks compatibility currently. Instead, use Chromecast or Airplay connected to other devices.

Cast Zeus from Your Computer

If you have the Google Chrome browser, you can easily cast Zeus onto your TV using Chromecast:

  • Install the Google Cast browser extension
  • Ensure your computer and Chromecast device connect to the same WiFi
  • Open Chrome and login to
  • Play a video and then click the Cast icon
  • Select your Chromecast device
  • Sit back and enjoy Zeus now playing on your big screen!

Between smart TV casting abilities or streaming sticks like Roku and Fire TV, it’s easier than ever to access the hilarious world of Zeus Network.

Watching Zeus Without Cable

As Zeus is an internet streaming service, you don’t need cable TV access or contracts to enjoy it. Simply create your subscription account online to gain access.

Then use the steps above to activate Zeus and begin watching shows on your computer, phone, tablet, streaming device or casted on your television.

Cut the cable cords and stream to start your Zeus binge today!

Summing Up How to Get Zeus

Hopefully this walkthrough gave you a simple, step-by-step understanding of how to setup Zeus streaming across nearly any device.

The key steps being:

  • Create your online Zeus Network account
  • Download the Zeus app for your platform
  • Login and copy the activation code
  • Visit to enter credentials and the code
  • Click activate and the app will update
  • Select your favorite series, episodes, influencers and more to start streaming hilarious and addictive content from The Zeus Network!

If you have any other questions on watching Zeus Live, Zeus login troubleshooting, when new episodes release and more, visit Until then, happy streaming!

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