The Kubota L4701: A Compact Tractor Packed with Power

The Kubota L4701 is like the little engine that could – this small but mighty compact utility tractor packs a surprising amount of power and versatility into its frame. As part of Kubota’s popular L-Series, the L4701 features a 2.4 L, 4-cylinder diesel engine that puts out an impressive 47.3 HP. This allows you to tackle tough jobs like digging, loading, cutting, and more with ease.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • Key specs and features of the L4701
  • Common attachments like loaders and backhoes
  • Package deals that bundle implements
  • Troubleshooting common problems
  • And much more!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to step up your property maintenance game or a professional needing an extra set of tires, by the end of this article you’ll know if the Kubota L4701 is the right fit for your needs. Let’s get to it!

A Closer Look Under the Hood

Pop open the hood of the L4701 and here’s what you’ll find:


  • 2.4 L, 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • 148.5 ci displacement
  • 47.3 HP gross power
  • Common rail direct fuel injection system

This engine isn’t messing around! Combine its high torque rise with the HST (hydrostatic transmission) option and you’ll have plenty of pulling power.


  • Fuel tank: 13.5 gallons
  • Engine oil: 8.66 quarts
  • Coolant: 6.87 quarts

Electrical System

  • 12 volt system
  • 40 amp charging alternator
  • 600 cold cranking amp battery

3-Point Hitch & Hydraulics

  • Category I 3-point hitch
  • 2870 lbs lift capacity
  • Up to 2560 psi hydraulic system
  • 7.8 GPM hydraulic pump flow

PTO & Transmission

The L4701 offers a few options when it comes to transmitting engine power:

  • 540 RPM rear independent PTO
  • 8F/8R synchronized shuttle transmission
  • 3-range HST (hydrostatic)

Commonly Used Attachments & Implements

One of the things that makes compact utility tractors so useful is their ability to use a variety of attachments and implements. Here are some of the most common ones used with the Kubota L4701:


  • Kubota LA765 front end loader
    • 105.2” lift height
    • 70.2” reach at ground
    • 2700 lb rated operating capacity


  • Kubota BH92 backhoe
    • 106.1” digging depth
    • 180 degree bucket rotation
    • Can be attached/removed from the tractor

Mowers & Cutters

  • Mid-mount Kubota RCK72P rotary mower
    • 72” cutting width
    • Up to 8 MPH mowing speed
  • Land Pride 60” or 72” box blade
  • Land Pride 72” rear discharge finishing mower
  • 5-6’ hydraulic angle blade


  • 10-20 foot utility trailers
  • Dual or single axle
  • Dump trailers

And many more! Brush hogs, tillers, post hole diggers, grapple buckets, plows – if you can dream it, there’s likely an attachment for it.

Package Deals & What’s Included

Many dealers offer package deals that bundle the tractor with common implements like loaders and mowers. Here’s what might be included:

A typical Kubota L4701 package

  • L4701 Tractor with HST transmission
  • Kubota LA765 front end loader
  • 5’ rotary cutter
  • Box blade or rake
  • Trailer (10-20 foot)

This allows you to hit the ground running with the most useful attachments right away. Expect to pay $5,000-$15,000 more for these bundled packages over just the tractor by itself.

Operating Tips, Issues, & Solutions

Like any machine, there are common problems that can pop up with the L4701 after lots of use:

Loss of power

  • Check engine oil level
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Have fuel injectors tested


  • Clean radiator screen
  • Flush cooling system
  • Replace water pump

Electrical problems

  • Check battery terminals
  • Test/replace alternator
  • Faulty wiring harness

Hydraulic problems

  • Low oil level
  • Replace hydraulic filter
  • Damaged hydraulic hoses

Finding and addressing small issues quickly can save you from costly repairs down the road. Know your machine and perform preventative maintenance for the best endurance.

Some quick operating tips:

  • Give time for systems to warm up before heavy loading
  • Flushing fuel lines when changing diesel blends/sources
  • Grease pivot points & check tire pressures regularly
  • Clean air filter screen daily in dusty conditions

Following the maintenance schedule in your operator’s manual is advised.

The Kubota L4701 may be compact, but it leverages excellent power and versatility to tackle jobs – inside the house and out. With proper care and handling, an L4701 has the longevity to work hard for years before needing major service. Looking for your own? Check equipment classified sites and local dealers to find pricing.

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