The Kubota B2920: A Reliable and Versatile Compact Tractor

The Kubota B2920 is a popular compact utility tractor loved by homeowners, small farmers, and landscapers for its durability, versatility, and reasonable price. This friendly “blog post” guide will teach you all about this reliable little workhorse.

An Overview of the Kubota B2920

The B2920 is part of Kubota’s BX series of subcompact tractors. Manufactured from 2008-2015, it has:

  • A 29 HP Kubota D1305 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4WD/MFWD transmission
  • 1,356 lb rear lift capacity
  • Wet disc brakes and power steering for ease of handling

Owners praise the B2920 for its ability to mow, load, dig, plow snow, grade areas, drill posts holes, and much more. It’s a true all-around utility tractor perfect for most small jobs.

Some key specs:

Engine Kubota D1305, 3-cylinder diesel, 77 CI, 29 HP
Transmission Hydrostatic 3-range
Forward/Reverse Speed 12.6 mph (F), 10 mph (R)
PTO Live 540/960 RPM
Dimensions Length: 95.1″, Width: 49″, Height: 81″ (front)/94″ (rear)
Weight 1,554 lbs

What’s the Current Kubota B2920 Price?

New prices range from $15,900 – $21,500. Used models sell for $12,500 – $19,750 depending on hours and condition.

I found the best deals at Fastline and auctions, where prices can dip below $15k.

What Do Reviews Say About the B2920?

This subcompact tractor consistently earns 4+ stars. Owners say the B2920 is:

  • Powerful enough for most small jobs
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable with smooth hydrostatic transmission
  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • A good value for the price

The most common compliment is that it’s a “little workhorse” able to handle a wide variety of tasks.

“This is a great tractor for the homeowner. It is versatile and strong enough to complete jobs around my 5 acre property.”

The B2920 works well mowing large yards, moving dirt/snow, landscaping, light digging, hauling loads, powering attachments, and more. Its small size makes it maneuverable for tight spaces.

Most reviewers agreed the B2920 is not well-suited for heavy duty farming over many acres, but it handles basic needs for hobby farms.

Kubota B2920 Attachments and Implement Compatibility

One of the things that makes the B2920 so versatile is its ability to use a wide variety of attachments and implements:

Mower Decks

  • 54″ and 60″ mid-mount Kubota mower decks – easy mounting/dismounting

Front Loaders

  • Kubota LA364 front loader – 50″ bucket width, lift capacity up to 952 lbs


  • Kubota BH65 backhoe – dig depth up to 80″, bucket force 2585 lbs

It can also utilize other common implements like box blades, tillers, plows, cultivators, grapple buckets, pallet forks, sweepers, augers, snow blowers, and more.

Owners say the tractor has sufficient power to run attachments without bogging down, thanks to its low-RPM high-torque diesel engine.

Maintenance Tips and Solutions to Common B2920 Problems

The B2920 is very reliable, but it’s still helpful to know how to care for it and troubleshoot issues:

Routine Maintenance

  • Change engine oil and filters per manual
  • Grease zerks
  • Check tire pressure
  • Clean radiator screen and fins
  • Inspect belts for cracks/wear
  • Flush fuel lines and tank

Overheating Engine

  • Clean radiator and fins
  • Check coolant levels
  • Replace water pump/thermostat
  • Adjust fan belt tension

Power Loss

  • Replace air/fuel filters
  • Check injectors and fuel lines
  • Test/replace fuel pump
  • Adjust valve lash

HST Noises

  • Inspect/replace hydrostatic components
  • Check transmission fluid level

Regular maintenance and awareness of possible issues will help keep your B2920 running strong for years. Most components are easy to access and affordable to repair or replace.

Is the Kubota B2920 a Good Choice for You?

For homeowners, hobby farmers, and rural landowners needing an all-around utility tractor, the durable and versatile B2920 is tough to beat.

With proper care, it’s reliable enough to trust for small jobs and daily chores. Plus Kubota offers great parts availability and local dealer support.

While it doesn’t have the power or scale for large-acreage commercial farming, it works perfectly for mowing, digging, moving materials, clearing snow, powering attachments, and maintaining rural properties under 10 acres or so.

For only around $16,000 used, the B2920 offers outstanding value. No wonder owners love this friendly little tractor!

Hopefully this lighthearted overview gave you a better feel for Kubota’s popular “mighty mini” workhorse. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.

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