The Heart Attack Grill: An Unapologetically Indulgent Las Vegas Dining Experience

Las Vegas is home to the one and only Heart Attack Grill – an intensely-themed hospital restaurant serving up insanely indulgent comfort food. Love it or hate it, a meal here makes for a uniquely sinful Vegas story.

Let’s dig into everything you need to know before visiting this infamous spot:

An Unapologetically Unhealthy Theme

The Heart Attack Grill fully embraces an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek take on hospital dining. Customers become “patients,” the wait staff dress as naughty nurses, and the owner goes by “Dr. Jon.”

The theme started as a defiant response to fast food’s impact on America’s health. But make no mistake – the proprietors do not actually promote eating here frequently. As the disclaimer states:

“This establishment is bad for your health.”

So with that crucial caveat, let’s explore the menu and ordering experience!

Bypass Burgers: The Heart(burn)-Stopping Star

The bypass burgers steal the show at Heart Attack Grill. These beefy towers start with a single patty but go all the way up to an 8-patty Octuple Bypass Burger containing a gut-busting 8,000 calories. 😱

Other highlights of the caloric lineup:

  • Flatliner Fries – Deep fried in pure lard
  • Butterfat Shakes – Offered in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or salted caramel
  • Full Sugar Sodas – Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta

Customers who weigh over 350 pounds eat free, but only the single bypass burgers. No sharing!

Burger Price Bonus Bacon?
Single $9.95 + $1
Double $12.95 + $2
Triple $15.95 + $3
Quadruple $18.95 + $4
Quintuple $21.95 + $5
Sextuple $24.95 + $6
Septuple $27.95 + $7
Octuple $30.95 + $8

Naughty Nurses and Public Weigh-Ins

In keeping with the tongue-in-cheek hospital concept, customers are called “patients.”

The scantily-clad “nurses” take orders, and anyone spotted not finishing their meal gets spanked with a paddle! Seriously.

Before entering, customers pass by a cattle scale outside. This is used to verify eligibility for the 350 pound free burger deal.

Guaranteed Gluttony On Display

One of the shocking spectacles at Heart Attack Grill is seeing customers take the artery annihilating food challenges:

  • Eat the Octuple Bypass Burger in under 60 minutes
  • Finish a Triple Bypass Brunch meal in 15 minutes or less

Those who complete these feats of gluttony receive a wheelchair ride to their car, a free t-shirt, and instant legend status on the restaurant’s gluttony wall. 🏆

For mere mortals not attempting these monster challenges, sharing a smaller bypass burger and indulging in the campy hospital theme makes a delightfully sinful pitstop.

Just don’t make it a habit! Moderation remains key when partaking in such decadent treats.

The Final Verdict?

While cynics may scoff at the unabashed gluttony on display, there’s no doubt Heart Attack Grill delivers on its tumultuous theme. Suffice to say it’s an only in Vegas experience.

So if you want a hilariously over-the-top meal with bottomless burgers and naughty nurses, this hospital grants just the right prescription!

Just be sure to bring cash and a good dose of humor. With those in hand, enjoying this slice of Vegas weirdness makes for a perfectly surreal Sin City tale. 😜

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