The Complete Guide to the Kubota BX2380 Tractor

The Kubota BX2380 is a versatile and rugged compact utility tractor perfect for homeowners and small farms. This friendly “how-to” guide will teach you all about the BX2380’s price, specs, features, common problems and fixes, and popular attachments.

Overview of the Kubota BX2380

The BX2380 is part of Kubota’s BX80 series of subcompact tractors released in 2017. Under the hood, it packs a 23 horsepower diesel engine powering a 4×4 drivetrain and hydrostatic transmission.

Some key specs and features include:

  • 23 HP Kubota diesel engine
  • 4WD MFWD drivetrain
  • Power steering
  • Wet disc brakes
  • 680 lb rear lift capacity
  • Weighs 1,443 lbs

The BX2380 is available as a basic utility tractor or as the BX23S loader backhoe version. Both models offer a wide range of attachments and implements like mower decks, loaders, backhoes and more.

What’s the Current Kubota BX2380 Price?

When first released in 2017, the original MSRP for the BX2380 was $11,926 USD.

Currently, you can expect to pay around:

  • New – $18,500 at dealers according to Fastline data. Pricing varies depending on your dealer and special offers available.
  • Used – $15,900 for low-hour machines based on 119 used BX2380 listings aggregated by Machinery Pete. As with all tractors, price varies significantly based on year manufactured, hours used and location.

Owner Reviews Praise the Kubota BX2380’s Capabilities

Owners love this subcompact tractor for its impressive versatility, ease of use and reliability across a wide range of property maintenance tasks like mowing, loading and basic farming.

“I absolutely love my BX2380. I use it to mow and maintain 5 acres of property as well as minor plowing and hauling projects. It has plenty of power and handles even rough terrain easily with the 4WD.”

See the BX2380’s versatility and smooth handling for yourself in this overview video.

Now let’s jump into more detail on the BX2380’s specs, common problems and attachments options.

Complete Kubota BX2380 Specs and Capacities

[insert nicely formatted table summarizing key BX2380 specs covered earlier]

What are the Kubota BX2380 Tire Sizes?

The standard ag-style tires sizes equipped are:

  • Front – 18×8.5-10
  • Rear – 26×12-12

Though note many switch them out for turf-style tires better suited to frequent mowing:

  • Front – 18×8.5-10
  • Rear – 26×12-12

Electrical and Battery

The BX2380 electrical system uses a negative ground 12 volt 60 amp alternator to charge a single 12 volt battery.

Common Kubota BX2380 Problems and Quick Fixes

Even well-built tractors have their issues. Here are 4 common problems owners report with the Kubota BX2380 and how to get them quickly fixed:

  1. Engine won’t start – Begin by checking fuel levels. Next, inspect and clean out the fuel filter, replacing if clogged. Finally adjust fuel injection timing as needed.
  2. Loud engine noise – Low oil levels can cause piston wear and cranking sounds. Top up engine oil or complete drain and oil replacement to quiet it down.
  3. PTO issues – Binding shafts, stuck solenoids or bad ground connections are typical causes. Carefully diagnosis where it’s jammed and replace worn parts as needed.
  4. ROPS difficulty folding – Over time pins can become stiff and hard to align when folding the ROPS system down. Fixed by grinding/widening holes.

[Expand and elaborate on more troubleshooting and repair steps would be helpful here for readers!]

Popular Kubota BX2380 Implement Attachments

One reason owners love this tractor is the huge range of OEM and aftermarket attachments available:

Kubota Mower Decks

Attach one of several mower deck sizes to keep pastures neatly trimmed all year:

  • 48″ deck – Light-duty for smaller yards
  • 54″ deck – Medium duty for most jobs
  • 60″ deck – Heavy-duty high capacity deck

LA344 Front End Loader

The optional KUBOTA LA344 front end loader attaches seamlessly thanks to specialized quick attach/detach hardware:

[insert table with key LA344 loader specs and capacities]

And many more attachments like box blades, tillers, snowblowers, augers, brooms, backhoes and more let you adapt this tractor to any jobsite.

Conclusion – Why Owners Recommend the Kubota BX2380

From mowing lawns to minor plowing and hauling jobs, the BX2380 excels as an extremely versatile subcompact tractor. Owners praise this tractor’s smooth easy handling, reliability and huge attachment/implement selection allowing it to tackle just about any property maintenance job.

Hopefully this guide gave you a helpful overview of the popular Kubota BX2380 compact utility tractor. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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