The Best Unblocked Game Websites for School

Playing games at school can be fun, but many websites end up getting blocked by school firewalls and filters. Luckily, there are still some great gaming sites that tend to avoid getting blocked – you just need to know where to look!

In this guide, we’ll cover 10 of the most popular game websites that often remain unblocked at many schools. We’ll also briefly discuss:

  • What are blocked games and why schools block certain sites
  • How to access unblocked game websites at school
  • The best game genres and types of games that avoid getting blocked

So let’s get started!

What Are Blocked Games?

Schools tend to block gaming websites for a few reasons:

  • Distractions – Games can easily distract students from focusing during class or doing schoolwork.
  • Inappropriate content – Some games may expose students to violence, adult content, or other inappropriate material.
  • Time-wasting – Schools want to discourage students endlessly playing games for hours on end.

To block gaming sites, schools use special internet filters that restrict access to categories like games, proxies, streaming, etc. The filter blocks students when they try accessing flagged gaming sites.

Of course, not all game websites get blocked…

Unblocked Game Websites for School

Some game websites fly under the radar and avoid getting blocked by school filters. These “unblocked game” sites give students a way to still access fun games during school hours, breaks, or free periods.

The most common types of unblocked games include:

  • Simple HTML5 games – Lower-quality graphics, but less likely to be blocked
  • Mobile game sites – Made for phones and tablets, which often aren’t blocked
  • Flash game archives – Schools seem to overlook blocking older sites with classic flash games
  • Educational game sites – Schools allow some “learning games” sites to stay unblocked

Below we’ll cover 10 of the best websites for playing unblocked games at school!

1. HoodaMath – Math Learning Games

HoodaMath specializes in fun, simple math learning games. The graphics are pretty basic, but the games do a great job of reinforcing math concepts in an engaging way.

Popular titles include Square Down, Manipulation, and Equation Solver among 100+ math games. HoodaMath also has logic puzzles and arcade games for broader practice.

Teachers often allow HoodaMath since games directly relate to classroom math. This makes it one of the safest unblocked game websites out there.

2. CoolMath Games – Casual Web Games

CoolMath is another leading destination for web and mobile games that many schools allow and leave unblocked.

The site is neatly organized with categories like Action, Puzzles, Sports, Girls, and More. You’ll recognize top titles like Run and Fireboy & Watergirl in their expansive library.

While CoolMath started more focused on edutainment, games have expanded over time to many casual genres while still staying school-friendly.

3. BoredButton – Random Game Generator

If you get bored and want a quick game while taking a school break, BoredButton delivers.

The BoredButton site generates a random game with each click, so you never know what simple HTML5 game will pop up next. Options range from maze puzzles to classics like snake or Tetris.

Bored Button makes accessing unblocked games as easy as possible. With unpredictable games always shuffling, it stays entertaining for short game sessions!

4. Unblocked Games Pod – Cloud Gaming Site

Unblocked Games Pod brings one of the largest collections of cloud games that work right in your mobile, tablet or computer browser.

The Pod loads games from their servers using HTML5, so most titles load fast without installing plugins like Flash. You’ll find everything from racing and fighting to RPGs and io games.

Unblocked Games Pod is perfect if the school has tightened restrictions using advanced firewalls and filters. Its cloud gaming style acts as work-around to keep the site and games accessible.

5. Mills Eagles – Google Sites Template

Mills Eagles is an example of unblocked game websites teachers build themselves using a simple Google Sites template.

The site includes separate pages with different game themes like Sports, 2 Player, Girl’s Games and others. It lacks major branding beyond the template, but provides another option to play casual web games.

As teacher-created game sites hosted on Google domains, these tend to fly under schools’ blocking radar yet give students activities during breaks. Pretty clever!

6. Unblocked Games World – Another Google Sites Game Site

Similar to Mills Eagles above, Unblocked Games World is built on Google Sites by an educator looking to provide distraction-free access to casual games.

The site includes traditional headings like Sports, Puzzle, Action etc to easily browse for relevant game genres. The selection includes top picks like Run 3, 1v1 LOL and Slope game.

As another Google-based site, Unblocked Games World likely stays under blocking filters. The widgets and templates make these sites quick to build while adding extra options for students.

7. Scratch – Creative Coding Site

Scratch focuses more on short coding projects and animations you can create versus playing games. Still, the creative outlet can be great when looking to pass time at school.

The tool lets you build projects by dragging and dropping visual blocks of code. People have created tons of awesome animations, stories, simulations, mini games and more you can tinker with using Scratch.

Since Scratch comes from MIT and encourages STEM skills, most schools leave it unblocked. See what you can come up with using Scratch on breaks!

8. Unblocked Games 66 – Weebly Game Archive

Among “unblocked game” versions, Unblocked Games 66 is another popular choice.

Like the name suggests, it offers HTML5 and Flash games neatly sorted into genres like 2 Player, Sports, Fighting, IO, Minecraft and more.

The website itself runs on the free Weebly platform, making it a simple way to host an expanding collection of games that still remain playable at many schools.

9. Unblocked Games 24h – Mario & 3D Games

For a focus on 3D titles and Mario spinoffs, Unblocked Games 24h is hard to beat.

Popular picks include Super Mario Run, Bowman 2 and Learn to Fly 2. But you’ll find many more console-style and upgraded mobile/HTML5 games thanks to the dedicated curation.

Like our other favorites, building on Google Sites likely contributes to it dodging strict blocking filters. Yet it still manages to offer richer graphics and gameplay variety.

10. Unblocked Games 77 – Massive HTML5 Library

Lastly, Unblocked Games 77 brings one of the most thorough collections of HTML5 games spanning every genre.

Despite the simple Google Sites shell, Unblocked Games 77 holds its own against top destinations. Expect awesome upgraded versions of Run 3, 1v1.LOL, Rally Point 2, and other hits.

The pure depth across Sports, Action, RPG, Sim and other categories make this a top place to play whatever style game you want unblocked.

Have Fun Playing Unblocked Games!

And there you have it – 10 of top websites to access fun unblocked games at school!

No matter if you have a little downtime between classes or want to relax on lunch break, this list has tons of options. Just visit on a school computer, connect to WiFi if needed, and enjoy playing over any firewall restrictions.

We focused on legit game websites that genuinely seem to fly under blocking filters. But if these ever do get blocked, check out proxy sites and VPNs as potential alternatives to unlock access. Though those methods sometimes carry more risk depending on school network policies.

Did we leave off any of your favorite school-friendly game websites? Let us know other unblocked games to try down in the comments!

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