How to Activate Telemundo on Your Favorite Devices at

Watching Telemundo is now easier than ever thanks to the Telemundo app. In this simple guide, I’ll walk you through how to activate Telemundo on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and smart TVs.

An Introduction to Telemundo

For those new to Telemundo, it’s one of the most popular Spanish-language TV channels in the US. Owned by NBCUniversal, it offers a wide variety of programming including:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Sports like soccer and hockey
  • News and documentaries

Many major cable/satellite providers offer Telemundo as part of their channel packages. But with the Telemundo app, you can now stream content without a cable subscription.

Tip: Some programs come with English subtitles for non-Spanish speakers!

Activating Telemundo – Step-By-Step at

Activating Telemundo is a breeze thanks to the website. Here’s what to do:

On Roku

  1. Install the Telemundo channel from the Roku store
  2. Open the channel and select “My Profile”
  3. Sign in with your NBCUniversal account
  4. Note down the activation code shown on your TV
  5. Visit on any device
  6. Enter the code and click Continue

On Apple TV

  1. Get the Telemundo app from the App Store
  2. Open it and go to account settings
  3. Sign in with your NBCUniversal account
  4. Note down the code shown on screen
  5. Go to on any device
  6. Punch in the code and hit Continue

On Amazon Fire TV

  1. Install the Telemundo app from the Amazon Appstore
  2. Launch the app and go to account options
  3. Sign in with your NBCUniversal credentials
  4. Take note of the activation code on your TV
  5. Visit on any other device
  6. Submit the code and finalize activation

On Smart TVs

  1. Install the Telemundo app if available from your TV’s app store
  2. Open the app and select account/profile
  3. Log in with your NBCUniversal details
  4. Write down the activation code shown
  5. Navigate to on your phone, tablet or PC
  6. Copy-paste the code and complete activation

And that’s it! The process is more or less the same across all platforms. Within minutes, you’ll be streaming Telemundo to your heart’s content.

Summing Up

I hope this short and simple guide helped explain how to enable Telemundo on your favorite devices. The website makes it super easy to get set up in just a few minutes.

So grab your snacks, put on your comfiest PJs, and let the binge-watching commence! Feel free to drop any questions in the comments.

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