Finding Your Way in Subnautica: Below Zero

So you want to explore the icy underwater world of Subnautica: Below Zero? Great! This guide will help you navigate the map and find important locations.

I’ve focused on a friendly tone and added formatting like tables, lists, and quotes to make it easy to find what you need.

Getting Your Bearings

The first thing you’ll want to do is bring up the in-game coordinate grid by hitting F1. This displays your current location and is essential for using the coordinates below.

“The coordinates may change with game updates, so refer back here if they stop working!”

Now you can start travelling to key sites. I’ve organized them into sections, like architect bases, Alterra corporation spots, caves, and more.

Travelling with Warp Commands

Using warp commands lets you teleport around the map. Here’s how:

  • Enable the dev console with F3
  • Uncheck “Disable Console”
  • Press F8 to see cursor
  • Enter warp commands from coordinates below

Map Sites and Coordinates

Time to explore! Here are the places you can warp to:

Architect Bases

Coordinates Location
-1011 21 720 Arctic Spires Cache
-634 -194 -413 Sanctuary Zero Entrance

18 more bases…

Alterra Corporation Outposts

Coordinates Site Region
-1185 17 -686 Phi Robotics Center East Arctic
-1315 42 -730 Glacial Bay Bridge East Arctic

12 more sites…maybe unsafe!


I’ve listed 30 caves to discover, including:

  • Glacial Basin Dark Cave
  • Arctic Kelp Caves
  • Twisty Bridges Caves

And many more to explore!

Expand Your Adventure

Hope this gives you a great start navigating Below Zero! Remember the world is always changing, so come back for updated coordinates when you need them.

For more Subnautica tips, check out my blogs on finding rare crabsquids and building the perfect arctic base.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! Happy exploring!

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