Listen to Your Tunes: Getting YouTube Music on Your Roku

So you want to jam out to your favorite songs on your Roku? Totally understandable – who doesn’t love queuing up playlists for an epic home dance party?

The bad news is that Google Play Music has officially shut down. The good news is that YouTube Music is here to save the day! All of your Google Play Music songs, playlists, preferences, and more can be transferred over to YouTube Music.

In this handy guide, we’ll walk through how to:

  • Set up screen mirroring on your Roku device
  • Cast YouTube Music from your phone to your Roku
  • Transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music
  • Use YouTube Music’s best features

Enabling Screen Mirroring on Your Roku

The key to getting YouTube Music playing on your Roku is a nifty feature called screen mirroring. This allows you to cast exactly what’s on your smartphone screen up onto your TV by “mirroring” it.

Turning on screen mirroring is simple:

  1. Using your Roku remote, go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring Mode
  2. Choose either Prompt or Always Allow
    • Prompt will ask permission each time you try to cast something
    • Always Allow will automatically connect without needing confirmation

And that’s it! Your Roku is now ready to start mirroring.

Casting YouTube Music from Your Phone

  • First, install the YouTube Music app on your Android or iOS device
  • Make sure both your phone and Roku are connected to the same WiFi
  • Open YouTube Music and start playing a song
  • Swipe down from the top of your phone screen to open Quick Settings
  • Tap the Cast button
  • Select your Roku device
  • The YouTube Music app on your phone will now be cast to your TV!

Any track you play, playlist you shuffle, or music video you cue up on your mobile device will instantly be displayed on your TV via Roku screen mirroring. It’s that easy!

Moving Your Google Play Music Collection to YouTube Music

If you were previously a Google Play Music user, no worries – you can transfer all of your old music faves to YouTube Music in just a few steps:

  • Sign in to YouTube Music using your Google account
  • Go to Settings > Transfer from Google Play Music
  • Click Transfer to port over your full library of songs, albums, artists, playlists, and music preferences
  • All of your Google Play Music content will now be available in YouTube Music!

Once the transfer completes, you’ll have full access to your familiar collection and can cast it to your heart’s content.

Key Benefits of YouTube Music

Beyond housing all your Google Play Music favorites, YouTube Music offers some rockin’ features:

  • 50 million official songs, albums, and playlists: From the hottest new hits to your favorite throwback jams
  • Smart search: Just type in a song lyric, and YouTube Music will track it down
  • Personalized Discovery: The more you listen, the better recommendations you’ll get catered to your taste
  • Ad-free, background play: Keep the music going hands-free while doing other tasks on your phone
  • Download for offline listening: Take your favorite playlists with you on a plane or anywhere without WiFi

So don’t settle for tuneless silence – liven up your Roku home theater with all the hottest streaming music. Try YouTube Music free for 1 month, and bust out those best dance moves!

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