Activating Your SOLE or Comdata Payroll Card via

Hey folks! If you recently received a SOLE or Comdata paycard from your employer, you’ll need to activate it before you can start using it. This quick guide will walk you through the super simple steps.

Back in the day, SOLE Financial was the leader in payroll cards, helping companies pay their employees electronically. Unfortunately, they closed up shop after being acquired by Comdata in 2019.

But not to worry – Comdata now handles those SOLE cards, and activating your card is easier than ever thanks to their online system and friendly customer service team.

Activating Your Card Online

  • Navigate to the Comdata website and go to i-Connect > Data (ICD).
  • Click on Manage and select Card Maintenance from the menu.
  • Search for your card number.
  • Choose Active from the Status menu.
  • Celebrate when you see the “Congratulations! Your Card is Now Active” message! 🎉

Activating By Phone

Can’t get the website to work or prefer talking to a real human? No prob!

  • Call Comdata at 1-888-265-8228.
  • Follow the automated prompts to connect with a customer service agent.
  • Verify your identity and request card activation.

And that’s it, folks! With your card now active, you’ll be able to use it for all your spending needs.

Have any other questions about your SOLE/Comdata paycard? Ask in the comments below!

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