Working Tips on Watching Sky Sports on Roku through NOW TV

Have you ever wanted to watch Sky Sports on your Roku device? Well, I’ve got great news – you totally can! 🙌

While there isn’t a dedicated Sky Sports app available in the Roku Channel Store, you can access all of Sky’s sports content by installing the NOW TV app instead. NOW TV gives you on-demand access to 11 different Sky Sports channels, including ones dedicated to the Premier League, Formula 1, Cricket, and more.

What You’ll Need Before Getting Started

Before you can start streaming sports matches galore through NOW TV, make sure you’ve got the following sorted:

  • A fairly recent Roku device – the NOW TV app works best on newer models
  • A speedy internet connection – sports streaming requires more bandwidth than regular shows
  • An active NOW TV subscription with access to Sky Sports channels

As long as you’ve got those three things ready to go, you’re all set!

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Set Up

Here’s a simple walkthrough to get NOW TV downloaded and activated on your Roku:

  1. From your Roku’s home screen, go to the “Streaming Channels” section
  2. Search for “NOW TV”
  3. Select the NOW TV app and click “Add Channel”
  4. Once installed, open the NOW TV app
  5. Follow the activation steps to get a unique 6-digit code
  6. Important: You’ll need to enter this code on another device at to link your Roku
  7. Sign in with your NOW TV account details
  8. Start streaming Sky Sports! 🏆

See, I told you it was easy!

Handy Tips for Using NOW TV

Here are some helpful pointers to improve your NOW TV streaming experience:

  • Make sure your NOW TV subscription includes a “Sports Pass.” This is what gives you access to the Sky Sports entertainment.
  • You can purchase either a Sky Sports Day Pass for £11.98 or a monthly pass for £25.99
  • 4K streaming and 5.1 surround sound is only available on Roku devices released after 2015
  • Still having technical issues? Try restarting both your Roku and internet router

And there you have it – with just a few simple steps, you can sign up for NOW TV and start enjoying all of Sky Sports’ incredible sports coverage directly on your Roku device. ⚽🏏🏁

Just sit back, grab the snacks, and let the games begin!

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