How to Activate Simple TV on Roku via /roku

Hey there! If you’re a cord-cutter who wants access to free, local TV on your Roku device, Simple TV is a great option to consider. In this guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to add the Simple TV channel to your Roku and start recording OTA channels.

What is

Simple TV is an over-the-air DVR designed specifically for cord-cutters who still want access to local TV stations. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Records live TV from OTA stations and basic cable channels
  • Lets you stream your recordings on your Roku device
  • Intuitive interface for browsing live and recorded shows
  • Connects to your home WiFi network

The key thing to know is that Simple TV won’t work for recording premium cable stations like HBO or Showtime. But for your local news, sports, and network stations, it’s perfect!

Step-by-Step: Adding Simple TV to Your Roku

Ready to get Simple TV set up on your Roku? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on your Roku and make sure it’s connected to your TV and home internet.
  2. From the Home screen, go to “Streaming Channels” and search for “Simple TV”.
  3. Select “Add Channel” next to the Simple TV app icon.
  4. Once it’s finished installing, select the Simple TV app tile from your Roku Home screen.

And that’s it! The Simple TV channel will now be ready to configure and start recording local channels.

Why Choose Roku?

With so many streaming devices out there, why specifically use Roku for Simple TV capabilities? Here are a few key advantages:

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface: Roku doesn’t push you towards any one streaming channel over another. Browsing apps and content is intuitive.
  • Voice search capabilities: Roku devices like the Streaming Stick+ or Ultra let you find content with handy voice search features.
  • Stream personal media: You can stream recorded videos from your phone or other devices effortlessly.

Roku aims to make cutting the cord easy while putting tons of entertainment options right at your fingertips!

I hope this guide gives you a good overview of how to activate Simple TV on your Roku device. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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