How to Activate Screambox and Start Streaming Horror at

Are you a horror fan looking to stream endless scary movies? Screambox offers an affordable way to access tons of horror content, from classic slashers to extreme underground films.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to start streaming, including how to:

  • Sign up for a Screambox account
  • Install and activate the app across devices
  • Login and start watching

Let’s dig into the frightful details!

An Overview of Screambox

Screambox, started by horror fans for horror fans, provides an extensive on-demand library of scary movies across every genre:

  • Home Invasion
  • Redneck
  • Slasher
  • Crime & Giallo
  • Psychotic
  • Supernatural Power
  • Zombies
  • Body Horror
  • Cults & Fanaticism
  • Torture
  • Splatter
  • Brutal & Disturbing

You’ll find popular classics like The Hills Have Eyes, Children of the Corn, C.H.U.D, and Hellraiser alongside extreme underground picks from around the globe – Korea, Spain, Norway, and beyond.

The Screambox app is available across devices like smartphones, tablets, Roku, and Smart TVs. But to access the full library, you’ll need to signup for a paid subscription and activate the app.

How to Sign Up for a Screambox Subscription

Signing up for Screambox takes just a few minutes:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Subscribe to Watch
  3. If you already have an account, sign in with your email and password
  4. If you’re new, enter your:
    • Email address
    • Full name
    • Password
  5. Click Agree & Sign Up to complete registration

And that’s it! You’ll have access to all of Screambox’s scary content.

Activating Your Screambox App at

To start streaming, you’ll need to activate the Screambox app on your preferred device.

Here are walkthroughs for popular options:

Activate on Roku

  1. Turn on your Roku and go to the home screen
  2. Select Search Channels
  3. Search for Screambox
  4. Select Screambox and click Add Channel
  5. Return to Roku’s home screen and open the newly installed Screambox app
  6. Note down the activation code shown on screen
  7. On another device, visit
  8. Enter the activation code and sign into your Screambox account

You can now start streaming horror on your Roku!

Activate on a Samsung Smart TV

  1. Open the Samsung App Store on your Smart TV
  2. Search for and install the Screambox app
  3. Open Screambox and note down the activation code
  4. On another device, go to
  5. Input the code from your TV and click Next
  6. Sign into Screambox

Horror movies, here you come!

Activate on iOS and Android devices

  • iOS:
    • Get Screambox from the App Store
    • Open the app and sign into your account
  • Android:
    • Get Screambox from the Google Play Store
    • Launch the app and login

That’s all it takes to start streaming scary movies on your phone or tablet!

Handy Tips for Using Screambox

Here are a few tips to get the most frights out of Screambox:

  • Use the category filters like “Extreme”, “Supernatural”, and “Slashers” to discover new scary movies
  • Enable notifications in your account settings to receive alerts about new releases
  • Download titles to your device to watch offline
  • Skip the screams – mute frightening scenes when needed
  • Don’t watch alone! Gather your bravest friends for movie marathons

Now grab some popcorn and put on your favorite horror film – happy streaming!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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