How to Activate Reelz Now Channel at

Whether you want to catch up on celebrity news on CopyCat Killers or get the inside scoop on band breakups from Breaking the Band, the Reelz channel offers hours of buzzworthy entertainment. With an app available across platforms like Roku, Fire TV, iPhone and Android, watching Reelz on your terms is easier than ever.

But before you can access all your favorite Reelz programs, you first need to activate the Reelz Now app. This guide will walk through the quick and painless steps to get Reelz streaming on your device of choice in just minutes.

An Overview of Reelz Now Activation

The Reelz Now app grants access to both live streams and full episodes from Reelz’s entire lineup. To activate it, you simply:

  • Install the Reelz Now app on your device
  • Generate a unique code to link your Reelz subscription
  • Enter the code at to verify your TV provider
  • Sign in with your provider credentials

Once connected, you can immediately start watching Reelz programs new and old.

Below are device-specific activation instructions for Roku players, Fire TV, and more.

Activating Reelz Now on Roku

Roku offers a quick and painless path to getting Reelz Now up and running. Just follow these steps:

  1. From Roku’s home screen, navigate to Streaming Channels
  2. Select Search
  3. Type in “Reelz Now”
  4. Choose the Reelz Now app and select Add Channel
  5. Wait for Reelz Now installation to complete
  6. Open the newly installed Reelz Now app
  7. Note down the unique code displayed on screen
  8. On your phone or computer, go to
  9. Enter the code and select Activate
  10. Sign in with your TV provider credentials

You can now start watching Reelz using your Roku device. Fire TV

Fire TV makes enjoying Reelz Now’s programming just as straightforward:

  1. From your Fire TV home screen, select Find
  2. Search for “Reelz Now” with the mic button or by typing
  3. Choose Reelz Now from the search results
  4. Select Get to install the app
  5. Once installed, open the Reelz Now app
  6. Note down the unique code now displayed
  7. Go to on your phone or computer
  8. Enter the code and select Activate
  9. Sign in with your TV provider details

With access now authorized, you can start streaming Reelz using your Fire TV.

Activating Reelz on Your iPhone, iPad or Android Device

Getting Reelz rolling on your phone or tablet takes just minutes too:

  1. Install the Reelz Now app from your device’s app store
  2. Open the newly installed app
  3. Select your TV provider
  4. Sign in with your provider credentials

And that’s it – you can immediately access Reelz’s library of shows new and old.

Don’t Miss Out on Must-See Reelz Programs

Reelz dives deep on the Hollywood stories other networks miss on shows spanning true crime, entertainment news, behind-the-scenes exposés and more.

Whether you’re fascinated by serial killer psychology or rock and roll history, Reelz Now brings insightful stories straight to your favorite devices with just a quick one-time activation.

So take a few minutes to install and authorize Reelz access – your binge-watch queue will thank you!

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