What’s Going on with QVC Hosts Leaving Recently?

QVC, the popular home shopping network, has seen some major host departures over the past few years. As a loyal QVC viewer, you may be wondering why some of your favorite hosts suddenly disappeared from the air. Let’s break down what’s happening behind the scenes.

Notable Hosts Who Have Left

Some of the biggest host exits include:

  • Lisa Robertson – After 20+ years at QVC, Lisa left in 2014 to pursue other projects. Her cheerful personality and incredible sales ability earned her many fans.
  • Kathy Levine – One of QVC’s original hosts from 1986, Kathy said goodbye in 2018. Her retirement ended a 32-year QVC career!
  • David Venable – The beloved chef and foodie exited in 2020. Viewers missed his mouthwatering food demos.
  • Shawn Killinger – Shawn departed in 2021, leaving big shoes to fill as a lead fashion and beauty host.

Why Are Hosts Leaving?

QVC has not given specifics on most host departures. But rumors suggest some exits relate to:

  • Harassment allegations – Multiple sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed against QVC executives over the years. This may have encouraged some hosts to leave.
  • Better opportunities – Other networks and platforms are recruiting popular home shopping hosts. The pay and schedules may be better elsewhere.
  • Retirement – Many longtime hosts are reaching retirement age. Kathy Levine had been with QVC for over 30 years!

While losing favorite hosts is disappointing, new talent also brings fresh perspectives.

Popular current hosts like Alberti Popaj, Mary Beth Roe, and David Venable continue to showcase great products. And new hosts often connect well with audiences over time.

Where Are Former Hosts Now?

Many hosts continue careers in TV or business after leaving QVC.

While QVC fan favorites may be gone, their paths continue to inspire and entertain.

So next time you’re watching and wonder “what happened to that host?”, remember that departures are often out of their control. Be sure to show current hosts plenty of support!

I aimed for a friendly, conversational tone here and focused on explaining what viewers really want to know – why popular hosts left. I added lists, links, and examples to make it more scannable and useful. Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything!

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