Why Plex Not Working on Roku and How to Fix the Issue – Troubleshooting Tips

We’ve all been there. You finally have some time to kick back and binge your favorite show, snacks in hand, ready to relax with Plex on your Roku. But when you open the app – nothing. Just the dreaded loading screen. Ugh!

Not to worry, friend. Here’s an easy guide to get you streaming again in no time.

Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Connection

Before tackling anything else, you’ll want to check that your Roku can actually access the internet.

  • Navigate to any channel or app that requires an internet connection, like YouTube or Netflix.
  • If those aren’t working either, you likely have a network connectivity issue unrelated to Plex. Contact your ISP or try rebooting your router.

Once internet access is restored, try loading Plex again.

Allow Insecure Connections

Modern versions of Plex require you to explicitly allow insecure connections to stream content.

  • Open Plex and go to Settings > Advanced > Allow insecure connections
  • Set this to Always allowed
  • Try loading Plex content again

Uninstall and Reinstall the Plex App

If you’re still seeing issues, uninstalling and reinstalling the app can often resolve problems:

  • From the Roku home screen, go to Settings > Apps
  • Select the Plex app and choose Uninstall
  • Next go back and search for Plex in the Roku store to reinstall a fresh copy
  • Test it out!

Update Your Roku Software

Using an outdated OS version can also cause Plex gremlins.

  • Go to Settings > System > System update
  • Select Check now to manually check for and install any pending updates
  • Once your Roku reboots, try Plex again

I know, I know – updating, ugh. But it really does help!

Adjust Plex Transcoding Settings

Choppy playback and constant buffering? Time to tweak your transcoding.

  • In Plex, go to Settings > Show Advanced > Server > Transcoder
  • Enable Use hardware acceleration
  • Restart and test playback now

Transcoding allows Plex to convert videos formats on-the-fly if needed. Enabling hardware acceleration takes the load off your CPU for smoother streaming.

Verify Your Plex Media Server

If you run Plex Media Server on another device to manage your libraries, issues on that end can also break connectivity:

  • Log into your Plex dashboard
  • Under Settings > Server, check for any pending updates
  • Install updates and restart your server
  • Try a wired ethernet connection if your WiFi seems flaky

With those basics covered, Plex should be back up and running on your Roku in no time! Still having trouble? Feel free to reach out with any other questions. Happy streaming!

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