Accessing Your Pay Stub: A Guide to the OnePhilly Login Portal

Hey there! If you’re an employee of the City of Philadelphia, you likely want an easy way to view your pay stubs. That’s where the OnePhilly login portal comes in handy! In this quick guide, I’ll overview everything you need to access your account.

What is OnePhilly?

The OnePhilly portal allows Philadelphia employees to log in and see payroll details like:

  • Pay stubs
  • Tax forms
  • Deductions for taxes, pension funds, etc.

It’s an essential system that makes payroll management efficient for both employees and HR folks.

Benefits for You:

  • Check pay stub details from anywhere
  • Review tax deductions and verify accuracy
  • Print copies as needed for personal records
  • Access old pay stubs going back several years

Pretty useful right? Okay, let’s get you logged in!

Accessing the OnePhilly Login Page

  1. Open your internet browser on any device
  2. Go to the login URL:
  3. You should see a page prompting for your OnePhilly username and password

Entering Your OnePhilly Login Credentials

  • Username – This was likely provided by your HR department. If you forget, use the forgot username link.
  • Password – You should have set your OnePhilly password upon first login. If forgotten, use the reset password link.

Once you enter your username and password, click the Log In button. This will direct you into your personalized OnePhilly employee portal!

Copy code

Username: jsmith123
Password: *************
[Log In]

Inside you can navigate to your pay stubs, tax forms, leave balances, and other details. Easy right?

Reset Forgotten Login Credentials

If you misplace your OnePhilly login info, use the self-service links to recover access.

Forgotten Password

  1. Click “Login Assistance”
  2. Enter username
  3. Click “Forgot password”
  4. Follow email link to reset

Forgotten Username

  1. Click “Login Assistance”
  2. Enter work email
  3. Click “Forgot username”
  4. Follow email link to uncover username

This will send automated instructions to your registered work email. Just follow the directions and you’ll regain access your account!

I hope this quickstart tutorial gives you what you need to easily access your pay stub through the OnePhilly login portal. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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