How to Stream NESN and Catch All the Action via

Want to watch the Red Sox and Bruins games, but don’t have cable? We feel your pain. Thankfully, with a few easy steps, you can access NESN on your favorite streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android phones and tablets, and more.

Here’s the inside scoop on setting up NESN so you never miss a game again!

What Exactly is

For anyone new to the world of New England sports, NESN (New England Sports Network) is THE place to watch your favorite local teams. NESN broadcasts Red Sox and Bruins games, along with other sports content related to New England teams and athletes.

So if you want to watch Mookie Betts hitting homers or the Bruins dominating on ice, NESN is a must-have channel.

Before we get into how to set up NESN streaming, let me quickly go over what you need:

  • A streaming device like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android/iOS device
  • The NESN 360 app
  • TV provider login OR NESN 360 streaming account (starts at $9.99/month)

Now let’s go step-by-step through getting NESN up and running!

Streaming NESN on Roku and Apple TV

I’ll show examples for Roku and Apple TV, but the process is similar across devices.

Roku Setup

Follow these steps:

  1. From Roku home screen, go to Streaming Channels
  2. Search for NESN 360
  3. Select app and install
  4. Launch NESN 360 app
  5. Note down registration code shown on TV
  6. On mobile device, go to
  7. Enter registration code
  8. Select TV provider and login

Done! You can now watch live NESN and NESN+ channels.

Apple TV Setup

Just as easy on Apple TV:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Download NESN 360 app
  3. Open app and note registration code
  4. Go to on mobile
  5. Enter code and select TV provider
  6. Login with TV credentials

You are now ready to enjoy NESN live sports!

See, I told you that was pretty straightforward.

What If I Don’t Have Cable? Sign Up for NESN 360!

No cable TV? No problem! You can subscribe directly to NESN 360 to access live channels.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Go to and click create account
  • Select NESN 360 streaming plan
  • Enter payment details

They offer reasonable monthly and yearly pricing, plus you still get a 7-day free trial which is nice.

So in minutes you can have a standalone NESN streaming account ready to use on any supported device.

I hope this guide clears up how to get NESN on all your devices without a hassle. Now you have no excuses to miss a single game!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions. And don’t forget to grab your favorite snacks before the matchup starts!

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