Accessing Your MyLowesLife Employee Account at MyLowesLife portal

Welcome to your guide on accessing your personal MyLowesLife employee account! Logging into this useful portal allows both current and former Lowe’s employees to conveniently manage work information online.

In this quick reference article, we’ll cover:

  • What is MyLowesLife and who can use it
  • Benefits of the portal
  • Login instructions
  • Resetting your password
  • Helpdesk contact info

What is MyLowesLife?

MyLowesLife is an online platform created specifically for Lowe’s employees (both current and former).

Through the MyLowesLife portal, you can:

  • View your work schedule and request time off
  • Access pay stubs and tax forms
  • Update your personal contact information
  • And more!

It’s a useful one-stop-shop for managing employment details without having to go directly through Human Resources.

MyLowesLife offers a convenient way to access your employee information online! Both current and past employees can log in.

Lowe’s itself is a popular American retail chain specializing in home improvement stores. Headquartered in North Carolina, they operate over 2,000 stores across North America.

Who Can Use MyLowesLife?

The MyLowesLife portal is accessible to any current or former employees of Lowe’s. This includes:

  • Current employees – Access work schedules, request time off, view pay stubs and tax info.
  • Former employees – Download previous tax forms like W2s and 1099s. Update contact information.

As long as you have login credentials, both groups can access employment details through the site.

Both current and former Lowe’s employees can login to MyLowesLife using their employee credentials.

Key Benefits

There are a few key reasons you’ll want to access your MyLowesLife account:

For Current Employees

  • Check upcoming work schedules
  • Review timecards
  • Access pay stubs
  • Verify tax withholdings
  • Request days off

For Former Employees

  • Download previous tax forms
  • View pay history
  • Update contact info

This saves you from contacting Human Resources for these routine employment-related tasks!

Logging In to Your Account

Accessing your account only takes a minute:

  1. Go to the MyLowesLife login page at
  2. Enter your Lowe’s employee username and password.
  3. Click Login.

And that’s it! From there you can navigate around based on whether you’re a current or past employee.

Use your Lowe’s employee credentials to access your account details.

If you’re a former employee, just select that login option before entering your username and password.

Resetting Your Password

If you can’t login because you forgot your password, use the “Forgot Password” link on the main page.

  1. Click the link and enter your Lowe’s username.
  2. Confirm your registered email.
  3. Follow password reset instructions in the email.
  4. Access your account with the newly created password.

This allows you to securely change your login and regain access.

Contact Info for Help

Need assistance with MyLowesLife? Contact the support team:

MyLowesLife Helpdesk

Feel free to reach out for troubleshooting or any account access issues!

So there you have it – everything you need to access your employment account as a Lowe’s employee through MyLowesLife. It centralizes all your work data for convenience.

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