Accessing Your AARP Medicare Account at MyAARPMedicare

Welcome to my guide on accessing your AARP Medicare account online. I’ll be walking you step-by-step through signing up, logging in, resetting your password, and making the most of your AARP Medicare benefits.

Overview of AARP Medicare

AARP Medicare is a health insurance program from UnitedHealthcare, tailored for AARP members. It offers Medicare Advantage plans with extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

Some key things to know:

  • Available to AARP members aged 65+ who are eligible for Medicare
  • Includes all standard Medicare Part A and Part B benefits
  • Often has $0 monthly premiums
  • May include prescription drug coverage
  • Provides nationwide access to UnitedHealthcare’s network of providers

Ready to learn more? Let’s get you logged into your account!

Logging into Your AARP Medicare Account at MyAARPMedicare

You can access your AARP Medicare account online to view plan details, find providers, check claims status, and more.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the MyAARPMedicare website
  2. Click Sign In in the top right corner
  3. Enter your unique username and password
  4. Click Sign In

And you’re in!

Tip: If you haven’t registered yet, click “Register” instead to create your account.

Resetting Your AARP Medicare Password

Forgot your password? Here’s how to reset it:

  1. Visit MyAARPMedicare and click Sign In
  2. Under the password field, click Forgot username or password?
  3. Select Reset password
  4. Enter your username and click Continue
  5. Follow the instructions to verify your identity and reset your password

You’ll then be able to log in with your new password.

Key Account Features

Once you’re logged in, here are some of the top things you can do:

  • View plan details like deductibles, copays, and covered drugs
  • Search for network providers like doctors or pharmacies
  • Check the status of claims and authorizations
  • View and download Explanation of Benefits statements
  • Pay premium invoices
  • Update contact information

And more! Play around and get familiar with all that’s available in your account.

Getting Help with Your Account

If you have any trouble with registration, login, or anything else, AARP Medicare’s customer support team is available to assist you:

  • Phone: Call 1-866-342-0632 (TTY: 711), 7 days a week 8am-8pm EST
  • Email: Submit a contact form through your AARP Medicare account
  • Chat: Chat live with an agent once logged into your account

Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions big or small.

I hope this guide gave you what you needed to easily access your AARP Medicare account online. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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