Lamborghini Tractor Prices in India (2024)

Welcome tractor enthusiasts! If you’re researching Lamborghini tractor prices, you’ve come to the right place. As a leader in agricultural machinery since 1884, Lamborghini offers high-quality and specialized tractors for farmers and contractors.

In this article, we’ll explore Lamborghini’s most popular tractor models along with their prices, key features, and specifications. Our goal is to provide an informative overview to help you find the perfect Lamborghini tractor for your needs and budget. Let’s get started!

Overview of Lamborghini Tractors

Before jumping into the models, here’s some background on Lamborghini tractors:

“For over 130 years, Lamborghini has engineered quality, specialized tractors for farms and fields worldwide.”

Headquarters: Fabbrico, Italy

Specialization: Agricultural tractors

Revenue: Approx. €500 million

Models: Over 25 tractor models with power ranging from 44 HP to 225 HP

Transmissions: Synchro Shuttle, Power5, T-Tronic, V-Shift, and more

Now let’s look at pricing and specs for some of Lamborghini’s most popular tractor series…

REX4 F Series

The REX4 F series features versatile tractors well-suited to orchards, vineyards, and paddies.

Model Engine Power (HP) Transmission Price
REX4 F GE 2.9L / 4 cyl 70, 76, 90, 95 Power5, Reverse Shuttle Request Quote
REX4 F GB 2.9L / 4 cyl 102, 112 Power5, Reverse Shuttle Request Quote

Key features:

  • Suitable for hilly terrain
  • Narrow build for vineyards/orchards
  • Available with CAB and PLAT versions

7 Series Robo-Six

The high-powered 7 series “Robo-Six” tractors are built for heavy plowing with specialized transmissions.

Model Engine Power (HP) Transmission Price
7150 Robo-Six 4.5L / 4-cyl <br> 6.7L / 6-cyl 150 <br> 166 Powershift Request Quote
7240 Robo-Six 4.5L / 4-cyl <br> 6.7L / 6-cyl 176 <br> 192 Powershift 30+30 Request Quote

Key features:

  • Suitable for heavy draft work
  • Optional front suspension
  • Large fuel capacity

And many more models to choose from!

For the full lineup of available Lamborghini tractor models and pricing, please contact a dealer or visit Knowledgeable sales staff can help compare tractors and recommend the right one based on your farming requirements and budget.

Final Thoughts

We hope this overview gives you a better sense of Lamborghini’s tractor offerings. When you’re ready to upgrade equipment on the farm or building out a new fleet, be sure to consider these specialized, high-quality machines backed by over 130 years of agricultural innovation.

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