Kubota G1900 – The Reliable and Affordable Diesel Garden Tractor

Are you looking for an efficient, compact tractor for your property maintenance needs? The Kubota G1900 garden tractor packs impressive power and versatility into an easy-to-use package.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Kubota G1900, including:

  • Engine and transmission specs
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Attachment capabilities
  • Serial number location
  • Pricing

My goal is to provide key details to help you determine if the G1900 is the right solution for your lawn and garden care. Let’s get started!

Overview of the Kubota G1900

The Kubota G1900 is equipped with an economical 719 cc three-cylinder Kubota D722 diesel engine, providing 18 horsepower to tackle tough jobs. Here are some of the key engine specs:

Spec Details
Engine Kubota D722 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft inline
Displacement 719 cc / 43.88 ci
Power (Gross) 18 hp / 13.4 kW
Fuel System Indirect injection

This liquid-cooled diesel engine provides quiet yet powerful performance, with lower emissions than comparable gas engines. It has a convenient electric key start system.

The G1900 uses a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears, enabling smooth changes in speed and precise control. Braking is handled with expanding shoe brakes.

With its compact size, weighing 706-750 pounds, the G1900 tractor maneuvers easily in tight spaces. It has a 51 inch wheelbase for stability. Dimensions are:

Dimension Measurement
Length 73.4 inches / 186 cm
Width 40.7 inches / 103 cm
Height 45.7 inches / 116 cm

The G1900 works well for homeowners, hobby farms, and small acreages. Next let’s look at the productive attachment options.

Attachment Capabilities

One of the biggest advantages of the G1900 is its ability to use a range of attachments:

  • 48′′ mid-mount mower deck
  • 54′′ mid-mount mower deck
  • 60′′ mid-mount mower deck
  • Blades

This flexibility helps you carry out all your mowing, cutting, snow removal, and blowing jobs. You can easily switch between attachments to match the season and task.

Finding the Serial Number

When seeking parts or support for your Kubota G1900, you may need to provide the unique serial number. This can be found stamped on a metal tag below the steering column on the front frame. Providing this serial number helps ensure you get accurate information tailored to your tractor’s manufacturing details.

Affordable Pricing

The Kubota G1900 price when new was around $1,700 USD. This represents an accessible entry point for a versatile, brand-name diesel tractor. By purchasing pre-owned or knowing your financing options, owning this tractor can fit many budgets.

Good for Small Acreages

With its 3-cylinder diesel engine, array of attachments, and maneuverable size, the Kubota G1900 serves as an excellent compact tractor option for small acreages. It has the power to complete mowing, loading, digging, blowing, and removal jobs year-round. The attachments allow customization to your specific property maintenance needs.

If you think the reliable and economic Kubota G1900 could be the right fit for your lawn tractor needs, contact your local Kubota dealer for purchase or financing information. They can help assess if this compact tractor suits your acreage size, terrain, and tasks.

To learn more about available Kubota tractors and pricing, visit Kubota’s website or their tractor price list.

I aimed to create an informative, conversational guide focused specifically on details potential owners would find most beneficial about the Kubota G1900 garden tractor. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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