Kubota BX1870: The Compact Tractor That Packs a Punch

So you’re interested in the Kubota BX1870 compact utility tractor? Great choice! I’ve owned a BX1870 for years and absolutely love it. This little workhorse is the perfect size for mowing, landscaping, removing snow, and even some light construction projects around my small farm.

In this blog post, I’ll share everything you need to know about the Kubota BX1870, including:

  • Price, specs, and features
  • Engine, capacity, and power details
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Attachments like mower decks and loader
  • And much more!

My goal is to give you an in-depth look at this tractor so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. I’ll share plenty of details, photos, and even a video review to help bring key information to life. Sound good? Let’s get started!

Overview of the Kubota BX1870

The Kubota BX1870 is a versatile compact utility tractor powered by an 18.2 HP diesel engine. Here are some of the key specs and features:

  • Engine: Kubota D722 0.7L 3-cylinder diesel
  • Power: 18 HP
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic 2-range
  • 4WD: Standard
  • Lift Capacity: 992 lbs
  • Weight: 1,345 lbs

This small but mighty tractor delivers impressive power in a compact size. It’s nimble enough to mow lawn and handle landscaping tasks, but also strong enough to take on light construction work.

I’ll cover all the nitty gritty details about this tractor’s engine, transmission, hydraulics, attachments, and more throughout this article. But first, let’s talk about pricing and availability for the BX1870.

Kubota BX1870 Price

The original retail list price for the BX1870 back in 2013 was $9,924. Of course, as a used tractor, you’ll likely find prices well below that today. Plan on budgeting anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 depending on the model year, hours, and condition.

Check sites like TractorHouse and Craigslist to browse current pricing and availability in your area. I bought my 2010 BX1870 three years ago for $7,500 with just 350 hours on it—not too shabby!

Detailed Kubota BX1870 Specs and Review

Now let’s dive into the detailed specifications, capacity, power, dimensions, and other key details on this tractor.

Engine and Capacity Specs

The Kubota BX1870 runs on a 3-cylinder 0.7L Kubota D722 diesel engine. Here are the key engine specs:

Spec Details
Engine Kubota D722 0.7L 3-cyl diesel
Power (Gross) 18 HP
RPM 3,200 RPM
Starter 12V electric
Oil Capacity 3.06 quarts
Coolant Capacity 2.6 quarts

This engine has plenty of torque to handle tough jobs, yet sips fuel for excellent economy. Expect 1-2 gph fuel consumption during average use.

It also has large 6.6 gallon fuel capacity and 3.1 gallon hydraulic reservoir:

Fluid Capacity
Fuel 6.6 gallons
Hydraulic Fluid 3.1 gallons

So you can work longer without having to stop and refuel.

Lift Capacity and Power

The BX1870 has impressive lifting power for a small tractor. It can lift 992 lbs at the rear lift ends or 680 lbs at 24 inches behind lift point. The PTO produces an estimated 13.7 HP for running mid- and rear-mounted implements.

Spec Capacity
Rear Lift (ends) 992 lbs
Rear Lift (24″) 680 lbs
PTO Power 13.7 HP

Between the rear lift capacity and PTO power, you can run mulitple attachments like a mower deck, box blade, tiller, wood chipper, and more.

Physical Dimensions and Weight

Despite its power, the BX1870 maintains a compact footprint. Dimensions and weight are:

Measurement Size
Weight 1,345 lbs
Length 92.1 inches
Width 34.6 in (front), 32.2 in (rear)
Height 86.2 in (with ROPS)
Wheelbase 52.8 inches
Ground Clearance 9 inches

So it’s stable and nimble enough to access tight spaces like landscaping around trees and buildings. The narrow width also allows you to shuttle through typical backyard gates.

Attachments and Implements

One of the best things about the BX1870 is the huge variety of attachments and implements available. Here are some of the most popular:

Mower Decks

  • 48″ deck: Kubota RCK48 mid-mount, 3-blade
  • 54″ deck: Kubota RCK54 mid-mount, 3-blade

Front Loader

  • Model: Kubota LA203A
  • Lift Height: 71 inches
  • Dump Reach: 28 inches
  • Lift Capacity: 613 pounds

And many more implements are available including backhoes, box blades, tillers, snow blowers, log splitters, and any 3-point hitch accessories.

Browse the full catalog of approved attachments on Kubota’s official site. Just make sure any 3rd party accessories are rated appropriately for an 18HP tractor to avoid overloading.

Helpful BX1870 Review Video

Check out this quick YouTube review showing the Kubota BX1870 in action so you can see just how versatile this tractor is:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kubota BX1870 used for primarily?

This small 4WD tractor is ideal for property maintenance like mowing, landscaping, gardening, removing snow, light grading, etc. It has the size and versatility to be a true Swiss Army Knife around your land.

Is the BX1870 good for plowing snow?

Yes! The 4WD provides excellent traction and control. Just add a front snow blade or blower implement to plow long lanes and sidewalks efficiently.

Can you use a backhoe with the BX1870?

Kubota makes a TL1165 loader and backhoe attachment custom designed to fit the BX1870. So you can dig trenches, planting holes, small pools and more.

Is this a good beginner tractor?

Definitely. The compact size, smooth hydrostatic transmission, and intuitive controls make the BX1870 easy to operate even for first-timers. Yet it retains impressive power and capacity for future skills growth.

Bottom Line on the Kubota BX1870

The BX1870 hits that sweet spot of power, performance and versatility in a compact easy-to-operate package. If you need a rugged little workhorse that can mow, plow snow, handle landscaping duties and light construction jobs around your property, it’s a great choice.

Just remember it still has impressive lift capacity and PTO power to run sizeable attachments and implements. So don’t let the compact size fool you!

I hope this detailed guide gives you all the key specifications, pricing, and information needed to decide if the Kubota BX1870 is the right tractor for your needs. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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