How to Add the INSP Channel on Roku

Looking for some wholesome entertainment? The INSP channel offers family-friendly shows to enjoy right from your Roku device.

Adding INSP is quick and easy – just follow the simple steps below to start watching.

Guide to Access INSP Channel on Roku

First, use your Roku remote to:

  1. Go to the Home Screen
  2. Scroll down and select Streaming Channels
  3. Choose the Roku Channel Store icon

This opens the channel store where you can add new apps.

Search for the INSP Channel

In the Channel Store:

  1. Use the Search field to find “INSP”
  2. Select the channel called Inspirational TV from the results
  3. Choose Details on the next screen

Install the INSP App

On the Details page:

  1. Select Add Channel to install the INSP app
  2. Wait for the app icon to appear on your Roku Home Screen

💡 Tip: Free apps use the Add Channel button. Paid channels show pricing and use Buy instead.

Start Watching INSP

Once installed:

  • Select the INSP app icon from your Roku Home Screen
  • Browse shows and movies to watch

It’s that easy to gain access to INSP’s library of family entertainment!

Get INSP Support

Need help with the channel? Use these options:

  • Website – Go to and check the FAQ or contact section
  • Phone – Call 803-578-1000 to reach their support line

With the INSP channel added to your Roku, you can now enjoy hours of faith-based programs, Westerns, and more. Check their schedule for show times and tune in to wholesome entertainment the whole family can watch together!

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