How to Adjust Volume on Roku TV and Device?

So you just got yourself a brand new Roku streaming device or Roku TV. Congrats! Those things are awesome. But with great power comes…well, learning how to use it. Figuring things out.

One of the first things you’ll probably want to get a handle on is controlling the volume. Because what good is binge watching Stranger Things if you can’t hear what Dustin and Steve are screaming about as Demodogs chase them through the tunnels?

(Am I right? C’mon, classic scene.)

Anyway, in this handy guide I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of managing sound from your Roku remote or mobile device. Let’s get to it!

Use The Roku Remote (Duh, But Still Helpful)

Obviously the remote that came with your device is an easy way to turn the volume up or down. But you may not realize the remote has dedicated Volume Up/Down buttons right there on the right side:

See ’em? So whenever you’re watching a show or movie and can’t hear those pivotal dialogue bits over someone’s loud chip crunching, simply:

  • Press the up arrow to amplify the audio
  • Hit the down arrow to decrease levels
  • Tap the mute button in between to toggle sound on and off

Easy enough, yeah?

Oh, and for late night viewing when you don’t want to wake the house or interrupt your partner’s beauty sleep, try enabling the night listening mode. This makes loud scenes quieter and amplifies whispers so you don’t miss anything critical. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Adjust Volume on Roku TV and Device using the Roku App

What if you’re one of those people annoyingly scrolling on your phone even while watching Netflix? Well good news – you can adjust volume straight from the official Roku app too!

For iPhones:

  • Download app from the App Store
  • Open it up and you’ll see a digital remote
  • Use the volume buttons there to turn it up/down!

If you have an Android:

  • Find the Roku app in the Play Store
  • Launch that puppy and access the remote screen
  • Tap those volume arrows!

See? You truly can be anti-social and control the sound as needed.

Wrap Up

And there you have it! With either your physical remote or Roku mobile app, you’ll be adjusting volumes in no time. Just remember:

  • Up arrow amplifies
  • Down arrow decreases
  • Mute button toggles on/off

Now get back to streaming your fave shows in audio bliss! Let me know if any other Roku questions pop up.

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