How to Activate Your Kohl’s Charge Card at

So you just received a Kohl’s charge card in the mail, but it’s inactive? Not to worry! I’ll walk you through how to easily activate your card so you can start using your Kohl’s credit.

Why Do I Need to Activate My Card?

Kohl’s sends out inactive cards to protect your identity from theft. If the card wasn’t inactive, anyone could activate and start charging to it!

By requiring activation, Kohl’s ensures you receive the card and activate it yourself. Pretty smart if you ask me.

When Should I Activate My Card?

You’ll want to activate your Kohl’s card:

  • Before making any purchases with it
  • Within 60 days of receiving it

If you try using an inactive card, your purchase will be declined at the register.

Below I’ll go over your activation options so you can start shopping!

3 Easy Ways to Activate Your Kohl’s Card

Activating your card is quick and simple. You can activate:

  1. Online – Through your Kohl’s online account
  2. By Phone – Call Kohl’s card services
  3. In-Store – On your next Kohl’s purchase

Let’s look at how each activation method works.

Activate Online at

Fastest and easiest option for most

To activate online:

  1. Go to and register for an online account
    • Click “My Kohl’s Charge”
    • Enter your new card number
  2. Create username, password, and security question
  3. Confirm account through email verification link
  4. Log into your account
  5. Click “Activate Now” button

And you’re done! Your card will now be ready for Kohl’s purchases online or in stores.

“I activated my Kohl’s card online in under 5 minutes. Super quick and easy!”

Activate By Phone

To activate your card by phone:

  • Call the Kohl’s Card Services activation line at (800)-954-0244
  • Follow the audio prompts to activate
  • Provide your card details when requested

Phone activation usually takes less than 10 minutes. Just have your card and personal details handy.

Activate In-Store

You can also activate your Kohl’s card by making a purchase at any Kohl’s store location.

When you checkout with your inactive Kohl’s card, the cashier can activate it for you on the spot. Then it will be ready to use moving forward!

“I brought my inactive card to the register and the cashier activated it right there so I could use it for my first purchase!”

So those are your three easy options for activating a new Kohl’s credit card. Whichever method you choose, the process only takes a few minutes. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy Kohl’s rewards and savings!

More Tips for Managing Your Kohl’s Card

  • Add your card to PayPal for faster online checkout
  • Sign up for email alerts to track charges and payments
  • Pay your balance online through account login
  • Keep your login info secure and card safe from theft

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about activating or using your Kohl’s credit!

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