How to Activate Your First Premier Bank Credit Card

So you just got approved for a shiny new First Premier Bank credit card! Congratulations. 🥳 Now it’s time to activate your card so you can start using it. Activating your card is easy – here’s your step-by-step guide.

Overview of First Premier Bank

First Premier Bank is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States. They specialize in credit cards for people working to build or rebuild their credit.

Key features:

  • Report to major credit bureaus to help build your credit history
  • Online account access and mobile app
  • Fraud protection
  • Cash back rewards program

Their credit cards can be a useful tool if used properly. Let’s get your account up and running!

Activate By Phone

The easiest way to activate your First Premier credit card is by phone.

📞 Simply call 1-800-987-5521 and select the “activate card” option. You’ll need to provide some personal info like your Social Security Number.

Once your identity is verified, your card will be activated right away while you are on the call!

Activate Online

Don’t want to talk on the phone? No worries, you can activate online in just a few clicks.

💻 Go to the First Premier website and log into your account.

  • If you don’t have an online account yet, click “Enroll Now” to set one up using your new card number.

Once logged in, find the “Activate Card” button and follow the on-screen instructions. Done!

Activate at an ATM

If you prefer to activate your card at an ATM, that works too:

  • 🏧 Find your nearest First Premier Bank ATM location
  • Swipe your new debit or credit card
  • Select “Activate Card” when prompted
  • Create a PIN number
  • You may need to enter a confirmation code sent to your phone

And that’s it – your First Premier Bank card is now active!

Check Your Balance and Available Credit

Now that your card is up and running, you’ll probably want to check your balance and available credit if it’s a credit card.

➡️ To check by phone:

📞 Call 800-315-6350 and select the balance inquiry options

➡️ To check online:

💻 Log into your account on the First Premier website or mobile app

Your balance and credit info updates in real-time whenever you use your card.

Start Using Your Card!

With your First Premier Bank card activated, you can start swiping in stores, tapping to pay, and shopping online.

Here are some tips for responsibly using your card:

✔️ Pay on time each month

✔️ Pay at least the minimum due

✔️ Keep utilization low (under 30% of total credit limit)

✔️ Review transactions regularly

✔️ Set up autopay if you can

👍 Using your card properly will help build your credit score over time. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any other questions on getting started with your new First Premier credit card!

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