Honda TR200 Fat Cat Dirt Bike (Specs and Review) 2024

The Honda TR200 Fat Cat is a blast from the past that still delivers fun today. This unique vintage dirt bike was built in the mid-1980s and features some quirky specs you won’t find on modern motocross models. Let’s take a closer look at what gives this old-school ride its charm.

A Sturdy, Beginner-Friendly Frame

The Fat Cat frame is designed for stability with its low seat height and wide stance. At just under 30 inches, it’s easy for less experienced riders to plant their feet firmly on the ground. The rear tires are sized like ATV tires, giving great traction even on loose dirt or trails.

This makes the TR200 an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate riders who want confidence while they build skills. It’s forgiving to handle and won’t throw you off balance as easily as taller, faster bikes.

“I learned to ride dirt bikes on my friend’s old Honda Fat Cat. It was perfect for gaining confidence before moving up to a more powerful bike.”

Old-School Air-Cooled Engine

At the heart of the Fat Cat lies a 199cc air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV engine. It’s no powerhouse by today’s standards, churning out a modest 13-18 horsepower. But it delivers smooth, predictable throttle response that’s easy to control.

The engine isn’t built for speed, with a top pace around 50 mph. Instead, it’s tuned for tractoring up hills, crawling over rocks, and chugging through mud at low RPMs. This makes it a versatile trail companion that can clamber over all kinds of off-road terrain without flaming out.

Vintage Visual Styling

One glance at the Fat Cat screams 1980s. It features a narrow frame with expansive side body panels that cover the top portion of both wheels. This gives it an almost cartoonish geometry, like a motorcycle stretched tall and squeezed narrow.

The plastics and paint schemes available back in the day were very much in line with 1980s aesthetics as well. Today, the bikes have aged into true classics that draw smiles and nostalgia everywhere they go!

Parts Availability & Maintainability

The simplicity of the TR200 engine and other components makes it reasonably easy to maintain yourself. After 30+ years the bikes are still chugging along, which speaks highly to Honda’s engineering and reliability.

Aftermarket parts suppliers like stock many of the wear items and maintenance parts you’ll need. So you can keep that vintage ride burning rubber for years to come!

The TR200 Fat Cat is a distinctive icon of Honda’s past that stubbornly refuses to fade away. Its enduring popularity comes from being easy to ride, difficult to kill, and delivering just pure two-wheeled fun. Check one out if you ever get the chance – taking this classic cat home is sure to put a smile on your face!

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