Go.discovery.com/activate to Discovery Go on Any Device

Discovery Go allows you to stream your favorite Discovery shows on various devices like Roku, Fire TV, smartphones, and more. But first you need to activate it! This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get Discovery Go up and running.

What is Discovery Go?

Discovery Go is an app created by Discovery Communications that gives you on-demand and live streaming access to popular Discovery-owned channels like:

  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • TLC
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Channel
  • And more

The app offers full episodes of current and past shows, so you can watch your favorites or binge something new anytime.

How to Sign Up for a Discovery Account

Before activating Discovery Go, you first need to sign up for a Discovery account:

  • On your mobile device: Download the Discovery Go app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you open the app for the first time, you’ll be guided through account creation.
  • On a streaming device: Create your account by visiting go.discovery.com/activate on a computer.

You can sign up with your email, Facebook account, Google account, or phone number. Verification codes may be sent by email or text.


Once your Discovery account is created, you can activate Discovery Go access:

On a Streaming Device

If enabling Discovery Go on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc:

  1. Install the Discovery Go app on your device
  2. Open the app
  3. Note the on-screen activation code
  4. Visit go.discovery.com/activate and enter the code
  5. Select your TV provider
  6. Follow the activation steps shown

On a Mobile Device

If activating on a smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open the Discovery Go app
  2. Select account > settings
  3. Choose “Activate Device”
  4. Enter your TV provider account info
  5. Follow prompts to complete activation

And that’s it! You can now sign in to Discovery Go and start streaming your favorite shows.

Discovery Go Features

Once Discovery Go is activated, here are some of the cool things you can do:

  • Resume shows – Pick up right where you left off watching on another device
  • Get recommendations – Discovery Go will suggest shows based on your interests
  • Add to watchlist – Mark shows to watch later so you don’t forget
  • Enable captions – Read dialogue for when you can’t have the volume too loud
  • Download for offline – Take some shows on planes, road trips, etc

Plus get updated regularly with new full episodes added right after they air on TV.

Still Need Help?

If you have any trouble setting up or activating Discovery Go, here are some useful resources:

Now stop reading and go stream! You’ve got lots of great Discovery shows waiting for you on Discovery Go.

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