Ford 2600 Utility Tractor: The Compact Workhorse

The Ford 2600 is the perfect tractor for hobby farms, small acreages, and landscaping projects. This versatile machine packs impressive power into a compact frame built to last.


The 2600 model was manufactured from 1975 to 1986 with two engine options:

  • Gasoline: 3-cylinder, 158 CI, 35.5 HP
  • Diesel: 3-cylinder, 158 CI, 36.5 HP

Both engines deliver over 100 FT-LBS of torque.

This tractor is equipped with an 8-speed forward and 2-speed reverse transmission powering 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive. It has a rear 3-point hitch capacity of 1,975 pounds.

Key Specifications

Wheelbase 75.8 inches
Length 126.5 inches
Width 52 inches
Height 52.5 inches
Weight 3,617 pounds

Using the 2600 For Tasks and Implements

The 2600 is a highly versatile machine well-suited for:

  • Mowing
  • Tilling
  • Grading
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Towing small trailers
  • Operating rear-mounted implements

It can utilize a wide variety of attachments and accessories:

  • Front-end loader: Quickly handles material movement and loading operations
  • Backhoe: Trenching, digging, small excavation projects
  • Box blade: Leveling, spreading, clearing snow
  • Rotary cutter: Keeping grass and vegetation in check

Plus much more! See the full line-up of attachments available below.

“We use our 2600 to mow and maintain 10 acres of lawn and pasture. It has enough power to drive our 6-foot rotary cutter without slowing down in thick grass. We couldn’t live without it!”

Advantages of the Ford 2600

What makes this compact tractor so popular?

  • Affordable price: Delivers tremendous value
  • Proven reliability & durability: Ford stands behind these tractors even decades later
  • Straightforward maintenance: Easy DIY oil changes, tune-ups, and repairs
  • Safety features: Includes rollover protective systems (ROPS)
  • Comfortable operation: Ergonomic controls and seating for long work days

For the price, you can’t beat the versatility, power, and reliability of a Ford 2600 workhorse!

Full Line-Up of Attachments & Implements

The Ford 2600 traction unit can utilize a wide variety of OEM & aftermarket attachments:

Loader Options

Ford 730 Loader

  • 985 pound capacity
  • 103 inch clearance when bucket dumped
  • 3,550 pound bucket breakout force

Ford 772A Loader

  • 930 pounds
  • 98.5 inch max bucket clearance
  • 3,800 pound breakout force

Additional Attachments

  • 3-point hitch implements like box blades and rotary cutters
  • Rear PTO allows running powered implements
  • Front-end attachments like snow plows and brooms
  • Specialty attachments like tillers, aerators, seeders

And much more! This tractor’s versatility supports a wide range of accessories tailor-made to tackle projects on your property.

Final Takeaway

For small acreages and property maintenance, the Ford 2600 continues to deliver. This compact tractor packs versatility, power and longevity into an affordable package. Just ask one of the many satisfied owners still relying on their 2600s decades later!

If you think a Ford 2600 could be the perfect match for your land, browse tractor sale listings in your area to find one.

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