Hey Friend! Let’s Access Facebook on Your Roku

So you want to check Facebook on your Roku streaming device? I feel you. Sometimes we just want to scroll through our feed on the big screen.

The bad news is there’s no official Facebook app on Roku. But don’t worry! With a couple easy steps, you can mirror your phone or computer’s screen onto your Roku. Then it’s Facebook on the TV for the win!

Let me walk you through how to make the magic happen…

Enabling Screen Mirroring on Your Roku

First things first – we need to flip the switch on screen mirroring so your Roku can connect with your phone or laptop.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings from Roku’s home screen
  2. Select System
  3. Choose Enable Screen Mirroring
  4. When prompted, select either Prompt or Always Allow

And we’re mirroring ready!

Casting from an Android Device

If you’re an Android user like me, casting Facebook to Roku is super simple:

  1. Install the Facebook app from the Play Store
  2. Log into Facebook
  3. Swipe down your notification panel and tap Cast
  4. Choose your Roku from the device list

Now you can scroll to your heart’s content! Your phone’s screen, complete with Facebook access, will mirror directly onto your TV.

Mirroring with an iPhone or iPad

Apple fans can also get Facebook up on the big screen. You’ll need to enable a feature called AirPlay:

  1. Go to Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit on your Roku
  2. Turn on AirPlay
  3. Your Roku should now appear when you access the Screen Mirroring icon from your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center (the two overlapping rectangles)
  4. Select your Roku after tapping the icon
  5. Enter the passcode if prompted
  6. Log into the Facebook app and you’re set!

Some Common Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs about this process:

Does Roku support Facebook?

No. You have to mirror your phone or computer’s screen to see Facebook.

Is there a Facebook app for Roku?

Nope, no official app yet.

How do I mirror Facebook Live or Facebook Watch?

Just mirror your full device screen while the Facebook app is open. Anything you view there will appear on your TV!

I hope this little guide helps you get Facebook up on your Roku. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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