Welcome to Your New Cox Service at cox.com/activate

Congratulations on getting set up with Cox for cable TV, internet, and/or phone service! I’ll walk you through how to easily activate your new equipment so you can start enjoying those services. I know all the cables and technology stuff can get confusing, but I promise to break it down into simple steps.

Let’s start by making sure you have the right info on hand before activation:

  • Your Cox account number
  • The Cox PIN or last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number
  • Your Cox service address
  • Your Cox User ID and Password

Once you’ve tracked those details down, grab your glass of wine or cup of coffee (you deserve it!) and let’s do this.

Activating Your New Internet or Phone Modem via cox.com/activate

Connecting your shiny new modem is a breeze with Cox’s easy activation process:

  1. Plug the coax cable from your modem kit into the port on the back of the modem.
  2. Next, hook up the power cord so your modem turns on.
  3. Wait 15 minutes while your modem does its internal setup. Pour another cup of coffee if needed!
  4. Use the Easy Connect Kit Cox sent to access the activation website at cox.com/activate. Don’t have the kit? No worries! Click here to view the steps digitally.
  5. Choose whether to find your Cox account by phone number or Cox User ID.
  6. Enter your info and click Look up account.
  7. Follow the instructions to activate your modem! Almost there.

What if I don’t have a retail modem from Cox?” Great question! You’ll need the modem’s Serial Number and Retail MAC Address found on the back.

Activating Your New Cox Cable Box

I’ll break down connecting your cable box and getting it activated:

  1. Use the coax cable in your kit to connect the box and TV.
  2. Next, hook up the HDMI cable between the devices.
  3. Don’t forget to plug that power cord into your cable box!
  4. Turn on the cable box and TV, then select the HDMI input on your TV remote.
  5. Use that trusty Easy Connect Kit again to access cox.com/activate.
  6. Enter either your registered phone number or Cox User ID to lookup your account.
  7. Follow the activation steps to get your cable box up and running!

Now sit back and find something to watch to celebrate!

Personalizing Your Cox Voicemail

Want to set a fun greeting callers will hear when you can’t answer? Here’s the scoop on customizing your voicemail:

  • To access voicemail settings, dial *298 from your home phone or the access number provided.
  • Enter your PIN followed by # when prompted.
  • Press 3 to reach the greeting menu.
  • Select the greeting to enable, like “All Calls” or “Out of Office”.
  • Record your message for that greeting after the tone.
  • Repeat to set additional greetings as desired!

Whew, I know that was a lot of info! But now your Cox services are ready to use and entertain you for years to come. No more confusing cables and activation codes to worry about.

Let me know if any other questions pop up on your Cox services – I’m always happy to help decode the tech talk!

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