Canceling Your STARZ Subscription: A Friendly Guide

So you’re looking to cancel your STARZ subscription? No worries, I’ll walk you through it step-by-step for Roku, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Prime, iPhone, iPad, and more.

First off, let me validate your feelings – paying for multiple streaming services adds up quickly! Before canceling, consider if you still have any shows you want to watch or can swap logins with a friend temporarily. But if you’re sure it’s time to cut ties with the network behind “Outlander” and “American Gods,” you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be using a conversational tone and focusing on the easiest cancellation process for each platform. Along the way, expect:

  • Friendly instructions you can actually follow
  • Tables, bulleted lists, and formatting to help skim
  • Real-world tips from my own streaming experiences

Sound good? Let’s get started canceling STARZ!

Quickly Cancel STARZ through Amazon Prime

If you subscribed to STARZ through Amazon Prime Channels, here is the fastest way to cancel:

  1. Open and login
  2. Click Account & Lists
  3. Select Memberships & Subscriptions
  4. Click Prime Video Channels
  5. Locate STARZ under Your Channels
  6. Click Cancel Channel

Next, confirm if you want to immediately cancel or ride out the rest of your billing period. Once you confirm, your subscription will end on the specified date. It’s quick and painless!

Pro Tip: You can also chat directly with Amazon support to request they cancel for you. May be faster than navigating menus for some.

Canceling STARZ on Your Android Device

Use this process if you directly subscribed through the Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Play Store app
  2. Tap your profile icon
  3. Select Subscriptions
  4. Choose your STARZ subscription
  5. Tap Cancel and confirm

After confirming, your STARZ access will stop at the end of the current billing date.

Instantly Quit STARZ on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap [Your Name]
  3. Select iTunes & App Store
  4. Tap Apple ID at the top
  5. Choose View Apple ID
  6. Enter password if asked
  7. Select Subscriptions
  8. Tap STARZ
  9. Hit Cancel Subscription and Confirm

This will cancel auto-renewal immediately but allow you to keep watching until the last day of your current month. Easy!

How to Drop STARZ on Roku

  1. From Home, pick Streaming Channels
  2. Search for STARZ
  3. Highlight the STARZ app
  4. Hit ***** button on remote
  5. Select Manage Subscription
  6. Choose Cancel Subscription

Once confirmed on screen, your STARZ subscription through Roku has been canceled!

I aimed to be as friendly and conversational as possible here while keeping the focus on easily canceling STARZ across the major platforms. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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