Accessing Your Brightspace Purdue Login

Hey there! If you’re a Purdue University student, you likely use the Brightspace platform to access course materials, submit assignments, check grades, and more. Getting logged into your Brightspace Purdue account is simple – this post will walk you through the steps.

What is Brightspace?

Brightspace is Purdue’s online Learning Management System (LMS). It’s designed by D2L and allows you to:

  • Join online course discussions
  • View lecture notes and slides
  • Check assignment grades and feedback
  • Submit quizzes, papers, etc.

It’s a handy hub for all your course activities!

Logging In to Your Account

Accessing your personal Brightspace Purdue login takes just a few minutes. You’ll need:

Here is what to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your Purdue location
  3. Enter your Purdue username and password
  4. Click “Login”

And you’re in! You’ll see your courses and can navigate the platform.

Pro Tip: Bookmark the page for even faster access next time!

Checking Assignment Grades and Feedback

Once inside, locating grades and feedback is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Click “Grades” or select an assignment under “Course Content”
  2. Locate the submission and click for details
  3. Check the grade and written/audio/rubric feedback
  4. Click “Unread” comments to mark them “Read”

Discussion posts also allow feedback in the sidebar. Use “View Grade Feedback” to filter.

Good to Know: A rubric outlines expectations and grade criteria for an assignment.

Uploading Video Assignments

Uploading video assignments requires using Kaltura:

  1. Log in to Brightspace and access your course
  2. Click “Assignments” or “Discussions”
  3. Click the “Insert Stuff” button (top right)
  4. Select “Media Upload” > “Media Upload”
  5. Drag your video file into the pop-up window
  6. Wait for Kaltura to process it
  7. Preview, then embed it by clicking “Embed”
  8. Post your submission as normal

This allows secure video uploads viewable only by instructors (and students for discussion posts).

Enabling Brightspace Notifications

Brightspace itself does not email announcements or updates. To get notified directly:

  1. Go to your profile and open “Notifications”
  2. Select email and SMS preferences
  3. Choose a frequency for alerts
  4. Check Announcements and other preferences
  5. Click “Save”

You’ll then receive notifications based on your selections!

I hope this guide helps you easily access your Brightspace Purdue login and all the great features. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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