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Want to watch the drama of the Real Housewives or juicy Top Chef competitions unfold on your smart TV or mobile device? Getting the Bravo TV app set up is easy – this guide will walk you through it step-by-step.

What is

Bravo TV brings you some of the most popular reality shows and competition series out there. From the ever-entertaining Real Housewives franchises to creative cooking battles on Top Chef to crafters’ challenges on Project Runway, Bravo’s programming showcases big personalities and bold talent.

Originally focused on arts and film content, the network has evolved to become the top destination for reality entertainment on TV.

Why Stream Bravo TV to Your Devices?

With more and more people cutting cable cords, streaming apps provide another convenient way to access your favorite Bravo shows. Benefits include:

  • On-Demand Access: Stream full episodes and specials from various devices whenever it fits your schedule
  • Live Viewing: Ability to watch shows at the time they air
  • Bonus Content: Get access to exclusive clips, teasers, cast interviews and more

Streaming Bravo TV means you don’t have to miss out on any of the drama!

Activating Your Bravo TV App

To unlock full access on your streaming device, you’ll need to go through a one-time activation process. This verifies your cable subscription.

Here are walkthroughs for popular devices: Roku

  1. Open the Roku Channel Store
  2. Search for and select the Bravo TV app
  3. Select Add Channel
  4. Launch the app and follow prompts to view your activation code
  5. Visit on a web browser
  6. Enter code and select TV provider
  7. Sign-in with your provider credentials

You’re all set to stream on your Roku device!

Android TV / Google TV

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Search for and install the Bravo TV app
  3. Open the app and follow prompts to view your activation code
  4. Navigate to on a browser
  5. Enter code and select TV provider
  6. Sign-in with your provider credentials

Now you’re ready to watch Bravo shows on your Android TV!

Apple TV

  1. Launch the App Store
  2. Search for and select the Bravo TV app
  3. Choose GET to install the app
  4. Open the app and follow prompts to view your activation code
  5. Visit on a browser
  6. Enter code and sign-in with your TV provider info

Your Apple TV will now have access to Bravo’s great content.

Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to Appstore from Fire TV home screen
  2. Search for Bravo TV app
  3. Select Get to install
  4. Open app and choose Link TV Provider
  5. Note down the activation code shown
  6. Navigate to on a browser
  7. Enter code and link TV provider

You can now start streaming Bravo TV on your Firestick device.

While the general activation process is similar across devices, specific steps can differ. Make sure to follow the cues on your device screen.


Got questions about streaming or activating Bravo TV? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is closed captioning available?

Yes. Bravo provides closed captions for their programming. Check your device settings to enable this feature.

Can I get full episodes without the app?

You can view full episodes by signing in online at with your TV provider credentials.

Can I watch Bravo if I live outside the USA?

At this time, the app only works in the United States.

What if I don’t have cable?

You can view some Bravo content without a cable subscription, but it will be limited. Full app access requires TV provider sign-in.

Get Streaming!

Ready to watch Andy Cohen put Housewives on the spot or see culinary masters craft complex dishes? Activate your Bravo TV app and don’t miss another dramatic or delicious moment!

Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to help explain anything related to streaming this popular network.

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