How Do I Activate Bally Sports on My Device at

Are you a sports superfan itching to watch more games? Want access to even more of your favorite teams and leagues? Well I’ve got just the app for you – Bally Sports!

Activating Bally Sports is a total cinch. Just follow this handy guide and you’ll be streaming live sports and highlights in no time.

What Exactly is Bally Sports?

  • Bally Sports is a streaming service that offers both live and on-demand sports programming
  • Get access to local, regional, and even some national broadcasts
  • Available on tons of devices – mobiles, smart TVs, laptops, etc. Something for everyone!

I don’t know about you, but just reading that gets me pumped for all the awesome sports content coming my way!

Activating Bally Sports in Just a Few Steps at

Activating the app only takes a minute, regardless of whether you have a regular cable subscription or the Bally Sports+ streaming membership.

Here’s the easy cheesy process:

If You Have Cable

  • Open the Bally Sports app on your device
  • Choose “Connect TV Provider”
  • Visit and enter the code shown on your TV screen
  • Select your cable provider to link accounts
  • Start watching!

If You Have Bally Sports+

  • Open the app and pick “Sign In”
  • Enter email and password if asked
  • Go to and input the code
  • Hit “Activate” and enjoy all that sweet, sweet sports content!

Could it get any simpler? I submit that it could not!

Now let’s get you set up on some popular streaming devices.

Activating on Roku At

Love yourself some Roku? I’m obsessed with mine, so let me show you how it’s done:

  • Download Bally Sports app from Roku store
  • Launch app and make note of activation code onscreen
  • Visit and plug in code
  • Select cable provider
  • Start cheering on your favorite teams!

Activating on Apple TV

Apple fans listen up! Here are the steps to get Bally Sports rolling on your Apple TV:

  • Open App Store and download Bally Sports
  • Open app and pick your TV provider
  • Sign in with your account credentials
  • Note down activation code shown onscreen
  • Go to and enter code
  • Choose cable provider
  • You’re all set for some screen-worthy sports moments!

Activating on Android TVs

  • From Google Play Store, download Bally Sports app
  • Open app and pick TV provider
  • Sign in with account credentials
  • Jot down activation code on TV
  • Visit and input code
  • Select cable provider
  • Enjoy Bally Sports on your Android TV!

Activating on Xbox One

Gamer guys and gals listen up! Here’s the drill for Xbox One:

  • Open Microsoft Store and download Bally Sports app
  • Launch app and pick “TV Service Provider” under Settings
  • Sign in to account and make note of activation code
  • Go to on another device
  • Enter activation code and pick TV provider
  • Follow onscreen instructions and get your game on!

That wraps up activation folks! Wasn’t too painful right? Let me know if you have any other questions. Now quit reading this and go enjoy some quality sports entertainment!

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